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harvey relief fund
August 31, 2017

I’m the owner of Uprite Services. We are an IT services firm in Houston, Texas. We’re a small business with 15 employees. Three of our employees’ homes were flooded by Harvey.

One employee lost everything.  Another had a foot of water. All three are in need of assistance.

Our goal is to attract donations from friends, family, and friends of friends outside of Houston and around the globe, who might not donate otherwise.  We are seeding this fund with $5000 to help cover flood insurance deductibles, FEMA loan payments, replacement clothes, supplies, and other personal items.

Any excess funds will be directed to the affected family members of employees, then to the affected employees of our clients, and so on.

One facet of our company Purpose is to help our community, and this is an opportunity to put words into action.  We’re pulling together as a team to help each other out, including the tough manual labor. The flood damage is heartbreaking but the response of our teammates and the community is inspirational.

Assistance from the red cross and other charitable organizations is wonderful. If you don’t feel comfortable contributing to this fund, I hope you’ll donate to the Red Cross –  https://www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-harvey.

I’m Stephen Sweeney, and we live in Friendswood, Texas, one of the hardest hit areas.  We were fortunate and were not flooded.  My parents were not so lucky.  Please find a way to help, wherever you are.

                                                  Click here to donate

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