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July 25, 2020

Standardize Your Documentation Process

When your infrastructure is simple and you’ve only got one person keeping track of everything, it might seem like documentation is pointless. But what happens when that person leaves to move onto something else in their career? Or worse, you start growing and hiring more people, outsourcing some functions, and overall, expanding your infrastructure?

You start noticing some issues…

Restoring passwords or credentials becomes problematic.

Configuring software becomes difficult and time-consuming.

Adding new employees into the system is near impossible.

And worst of all, standardization doesn’t happen – meaning there are no structured processes in place and things don’t always work together seamlessly. Standardization delivers innovation – offering reliable access to data, systems, and procedures that allows you to save time in the process of innovating.

Documentation excellence

In the simplest terms, you can’t do anything groundbreaking if you don’t have standardization in place.

You also need documentation to ensure knowledge transfer is possible. If you start hiring more people within your internal technology department or you start needing to outsource various functions, they will need access to all of your documentation to properly do their jobs. This is what leaves many organizations “held hostage” with their current in-house or outsourced technology department.

No business should have to worry about a lack of documentation.

We believe that no business, regardless of size or industry, should ever have to worry about something as important and invaluable as documentation. This is why we strive for what we like to call “documentation excellence” when we work with our clients. We keep accurate and up-to-date documentation on:

  1. Network and systems
  2. Administrative passwords and credentials
  3. Software and licenses
  4. Hardware inventory
  5. Projects
  6. Technology policies and procedures, such as:
    • Internet policies
    • Cybersecurity policies
    • Hardware management policies
    • Backup policies
    • And more

We prioritize documentation excellence because we know our clients depend on us to ensure they have the information they need, when they need it most. This means no more time spent locating, collecting or requesting information instead of focusing on more strategic, important initiatives.

If you’re ready to have superior documentation in place, call {phone2} for more information.

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