The fastest and easiest way to achieve HIPAA compliance

Are you a HIPAA-covered healthcare provider subject to fines levied on those who fail to take proactive measures to prevent issues? Do you evaluate your HIPAA compliance on a regular basis? Is your business HIPAA compliant?

In the healthcare industry, there is no doubt that patient records deserve the utmost integrity and importance. This means data reliability is not only necessary to protect patients’ health and welfare; it ensures your reputation as a credible healthcare provider. Organizations required by law to conduct regular HIPAA Risk Assessments are hospitals, urgent care clinics, dental offices, nursing homes, behavioral health facilities, diagnostic laboratories, correctional facilities, and pharmacies.

With Uprite Services Healthcare services, we will provide you with the technology solutions to ensure data integrity and easily meet strict HIPAA compliance requirements. Our solutions help make the process less daunting and confusing, and can be bundled into your Flat Rate IT Support service, if Uprite Services manages your entire technology environment.

Uprite Services offers 3 HIPAA solutions for the healthcare industry:

  • HIPAA Compliance Package - If you are a HIPAA-covered healthcare provider and have not performed a risk assessment, we offer a One-Time HIPAA Compliance Package that includes the following required documents: HIPAA Policy and Procedures Document, HIPAA Risk Analysis, HIPAA Management Plan, and Evidence of HIPAA Compliance. These documents will help you conduct an audit on your operation.
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment & Remediation - If you have your compliance package in place, then it is your responsibility to conduct regular HIPAA assessments and remediate any deficiencies found. Issues could range from the simple (password policies and training employees on said policies), to the complex (migrating to a HIPAA compliant backup and disaster recovery process). Uprite Services performs risk assessment and produces a report with actionable priorities.
  • Managed Compliance Service - As your operations continuously change much like cyber threats and risks, it is expected that you review your HIPAA compliance on a regular basis. Uprite Services can provide a managed HIPAA compliance service to review your HIPAA compliance on a quarterly basis and provide you with the peace of mind of a clean bill of health, or alert you to risk factors that should be addressed to bring your operation in-line with HIPAA compliance.

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