Oil & Gas

Solid IT solutions for the success of your energy business

Uprite Services’ IT solutions for the oil and gas industries allow you to leverage the latest technology innovation. Our massive data storage, fast networks, speedy processing power, and state-of-the-art cloud are what you need to excel.

When it comes to IT, there is no universal solution because each industry comes with its own technological requirements. Meeting them requires in-depth knowledge and lengthy expertise, components that small businesses usually lack. With Uprite Services’ Managed IT services, you can expect streamlined business operations, better uptime, and predictable IT costs.

We are pleased to offer the affordable, cost-effective, and cloud-based OGSYS, a third-party accounting software that provides full system administration services and support for business in the oil & gas industry. This hosted solution allows enterprises of any size convenient data access from anywhere with a safe and high availability system, requires minimal upfront cost, and eliminates the need to purchase and manage equipment.

Uprite Services’ IT solutions for Oil & Gas industries give you:

  • Real-time data analysis via our cloud
  • Compliance with energy industry laws and regulations
  • Comprehensive managed IT solutions and round-the-clock IT support


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Maritime / Logistics

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