IT Support and Services Downtown Houston

All businesses are different an have their own way of doing things. That’s why we discuss your needs and requirements before recommending any potential IT solutions for your Downtown Houston business.

We want to develop an IT system for you that works efficiently and does everything you require, instead of having you constantly battle against hardware failure, slow servers, and insecure networks.

By investing in the right technology with great IT support, you’ll benefit both your own business and the needs of your clients.

No chipping away at your IT problems bit by bit – you’ll have a strong and complete strategy to make sure that your IT systems run to the highest standard with value-for-money technology that will serve you for years.

IT Consultant Company

Getting an edge over the competition is hard to do, but our highly skilled IT consultants are fully trained to give us – and you – the best chance of achieving this.

They will fully analyze your IT and business systems in order to determine what already works as well as what doesn’t, while revealing what you need to take your business up another level.

With their experience and training, our team can provide technology and solutions that fit you and your Downtown Houston company well. By combining your existing equipment with the technology we know that you need, our consultants will help you build your business with a strong IT platform.

IT Security Service

Cyber security is a big concern these days, and the greatest threat to any network is the chance of attack. Our security experts can test the strength of your network defenses and upgrade them with the latest protections to guard against cyber criminals.

Should you suffer from data breaches, hacking, or any other network intrusions, our team will eliminate the vulnerability at the source.

Your safety is guaranteed and you can get right back to work knowing that you are protected.

Data Recovery Service

Our cloud based backup and disaster recovery services are cost-effective and do not require the purchase of any expensive hardware or software. All the work your business does is unique, and so is your data – which means it needs to be protected.

Our high-performance low-bandwidth fully managed backup solutions will be there to save the day – and your data – should the unimaginable happen.

With all kinds of options from bare-metal restore upwards, you’ll be back to work as quickly as possible, and none of your effort will have been wasted.

Downtown Houston Managed IT Support

With a flat rate 24/7 helpdesk and a suite of managed IT services available, we’ll make you wonder how you ever managed your IT without our support. Supporting all kinds of IT from servers to desktops to end-user support, our comprehensive support options are customized to match your business. It doesn’t matter how large or small you are, we offer a full management and support service.

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Get organized and optimized and remove the guesswork from managing your IT systems. Enjoy a stress-free technological experience with high speed systems designed exclusively for you. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help take your business to the next level.

The Downtown Houston area in Texas

The city of Houston is split into many different districts, and Downtown is to be found near the center of the metropolitan area. Surrounded by Interstate 10,45, and 69, Downtown Houston has been the top commercial area since the founding of the city.

Split between office space and entertainment, 150,000 employees work in the 77002 area (some employed by the nine Fortune 500 corporations that make their home there) standing shoulder to shoulder with a large theatre district, a baseball stadium, a basketball stadium, many shops and restaurants, and a large number of hotels.

Downtown also includes attractions like the Houston Aquarium, which has touch pools and a shark tank for those brave enough to explore.

METRO bus and rail links provide easy transport and access to the area, with taxi rides having their prices limited by the city.

Schools, a university, and a college of law serve the Downtown area, as do several libraries. Historic buildings are all around, making Downtown Houston a wonderful place to live, work, play, and explore.


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I'm passionate about business. I'm passionate about technology and cybersecurity. I'm positively thrilled when all work together to create value. Uprite Services helps its clients Accomplish More with technology. We implement and manage their infrastructure so that it is secure, stable, and fault-tolerant. We support their employees so that they remain productive. We help them plan and select the right technologies so that they can grow their business, and reduce risk.