IT Services in Houston

IT Services in Houston

Uprite Services provides IT support and managed IT services for organizations in Houston. Call for a free quote today.

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Maximize Your Productivity with Top-notch Managed IT Services in Houston

The costs of running an in-house IT team can far exceed the value they provide. This is especially true for SMBs. Hiring, training, and letting go of staff – and all of the accompanying HR costs – can be a serious drain on your budget.

By outsourcing your IT, you gain access to highly trained technicians at a fraction of the cost of running a team in-house. 

At Uprite Services, we provide managed IT services and IT support – scaled to the needs of your Houston, TX business. 


  • Are you looking to enhance your threat protection and risk management initiatives?
  • Need an expert IT advisor to help with strategy, planning, and budget?
  • Do you want to improve your current IT infrastructure?
  • Are you unsatisfied with your current IT support?


With our managed IT services, we can make your IT infrastructure more efficient. And with real-time monitoring at 24/7 support, any IT problems that arise will be resolved quickly.

Safety, efficiency, reliability, and affordability – that’s the power of managed IT. 

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Why Choose Uprite Services’ Managed IT Support Company in Houston

There’s an age old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s definitely true in IT.

Uprite Services goes beyond the break-fix business model. Proactivity is the best way to stop costly business stoppages from occurring.

When you hire us for managed IT, you’ll receive a full network audit. During this audit, we’ll find any inefficiencies or holes in your network security. From there, we’ll help you form a strategy for equipment and procurement, network amalgamation, and network security optimization.


We recognize that technology solutions must meet the needs of your team, and that security needs to be balanced with efficiency. Our certified technicians provide customer-centric IT solutions, working with you to create disaster recovery plans, as well as regular data backups. We also provide cloud services for added flexibility.

Our reliable managed services in Houston, TX can help you:


  • Strategize business continuity processes
  • Optimize your network security
  • Deter disruptions and downtime

IT Services for Houston

We offer comprehensive IT services for businesses without in-house IT, and for Houston businesses with in-house teams who want to scale up their capacity. Our comprehensive network support helps local businesses and organizations implement customized network infrastructure. Our services include:

Cloud Solutions

There’s a silver lining in every cloud solution. Keeping data on the cloud gives your team remote access to your network – as long as they have internet access.

Shifting some or all of your services to the cloud can afford you flexibility, scalability, security, and accessibility. We provide cloud solutions including cloud hosting, cloud service migrations, and Microsoft 365 migration and support. Whatever cloud services you need, we’re here to help. 

With our cloud management solutions in Houston,TX,  your organization can:

  • Enjoy enhanced access to critical business information
  • Create predictable IT budgets
  • Scale your resources to fit your organizational growth
  • Improve communication in your organization

Proactive Maintenance

At Uprite Services, we know that continuous monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure the safest, most efficient IT environment. Count on us to keep your systems up to date with automated patching and predictive analytics solutions.

When your network faces security breaches or interruptions, it can lead to substantial downtime. That can mean revenue loss and obligatory contract penalties. We perform comprehensive risk assessments, then create customized, customer-centric solutions to mitigate risk and ensure continuity. 

Our managed services in San Antonio can help you get the most out of your IT infrastructure investments. With our proactive maintenance solutions, your organization can:


  • Reduce the risks of potential problems
  • Optimize your business’s performance
  • Create fully protected and reliable networks

Business Continuity

Cybersecurity solutions are incomplete without careful business continuity planning. 

Our business continuity plans are customized to fit your business needs. Our emergency continuity solutions include proactive measures, the use of backups, and careful planning to minimize revenue loss and obligatory contract penalties. We perform comprehensive risk assessments to ensure that your essential operational data is available in worst-case scenarios. Count on us for:


  • Complete backup and protection strategies
  • Tailored business continuity plans
  • Detailed recovery time objectives

Managed IT Service Provider in Houston

Our comprehensive IT solutions are completely scalable. That means we can help your business whether or not you currently have in-house IT staff. It also means our services are affordable – you’re never paying for work you aren’t getting. As your network and your needs grow, so can the services that we offer to you.

Our customer-centric approach relies on communication. We’ll ensure that our IT management suits your business needs by customizing our services to the size and scale of your network. Whether you have remote workers who need to be able to access files through the internet 24/7, or you’re looking to outsource your infrastructure in order to cut down on overhead, we can help. 

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Need IT solutions in Houston? Uprite Services is here. Our highly-skilled IT professionals offer expert advice on compliance and regulatory requirements, ensuring that you secure your networks. Find around-the-clock support for your tech systems. Migrate to cloud services or improve your existing cloud services with our expertise. Contact us today!

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Uprite Services has provided IT support for us at CapRock for the past 4 years. This group has consistently provided exceptional service. I highly recommend Stephen and his team!
Chris Peden

Uprite Services has been our IT Managed Services partner in San Antonio for several years now. They have a great team in place that has handled all of our needs; from the day-to-day grind to special projects throughout the years. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and will tirelessly work on finding answers/solutions to any issue that arises. Overall, I can not praise them enough, I do expect to have them as our business partner for many more years to come.

George Laurel

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