Places to See in Houston, Texas

Places to See in Houston, Texas

I have visited Houston, a while back, and I would like to share my experience with you. It is never easy to decide what to see if you are running on a limited time schedule, especially in a town like Houston, so here are my favorites!


Places to See in Houston, Texas

Home of the glorious Houston Rockets, located in the downtown of Houston. Built in 2003, the amazing building speaks for itself.

I visited this huge arena with a couple of mates, and we were pretty baffled. We bought the really cheap backstage tour tickets, and we went in.

First of all, we went into the Lexus Lounge which offers some of the coolest luxury suits I have ever seen. Then we tasted wine at the Red & White Bistro, and then we visited the Rockets Club. Everything was so well made and cool and in red colors of the Rockets.

We also learned a few things about the arena on the way, for example, did you know that artists al the way from Ed Sheeran to Tina Turner preformed here? I didn’t! Then we got to the main attractions – the Legend Lockers and of course, the Arena Floor. The lockers were so cool, there were the names and jerseys of the legends like Hakeem Olajuwon and others of such caliber. And then came the floor. The main hall was huge! And the floor itself, so glossy and clean. I could almost see my own image when I looked into it!


Enormous open stadium that seats 41,168 people, in downtown Houston, home of the world series champions – Houston Astros.

The entrance is amazingly designed, in a style like a huge railroad entrance! Our tour then began. At first the tour guide was talking about the stadiums interesting history, but then, the real fun part took place.

We entered into the Press Box and Broadcasting Booth which were awesome. I felt like a real player sitting in those places in which they had already sat in, and from the Broadcasting Booth, you can see the whole field.

Then, we went on to the cool Luxury suits, and when we passed them we entered the field. The feeling was overwhelming. Imagine 40000 people cheering for you and scoring that home run! We went on to enter the players dugout, as well as the bullpen. Also, we had a pretty cool experience, seeing how the old school manual scoreboard is being operated behind the scenes.


Named by the founder of the city, it is a beautiful green space, not far from the previous locations, in downtown Houston. We went for a nice and easy park afternoon, in order to relax.
Beforehand, we got some ice cream, so this was a perfect place to relax. It was very relaxing indeed, looking at the historic buildings, and slowly walking, through a quiet, not so busy park. The coolest things were probably a “hidden” public artwork out in the back of one of the historical houses, and the duck lake.

The artwork is a cool looking spherical object with an interesting vibe. Duck lake, although small, was very natural and beautiful and we even fed some bread crumbs to the pretty ducks.


This concludes my visit to Houston, Texas in the United States and the places I would recommend. I would encourage anyone who has not visited the city to give it a try, I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!



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