Backup & Disaster Recovery

Get assistance in implementing a data recovery solution to ensure business continuity in times of disaster. Uprite Services will protect your valuable information and lower your risk of data loss with reliable cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Secure and back up your most valuable assets with top-class data protection

You never know when a natural or man-made disaster can strike and render your business-critical data unrecoverable. With Uprite Services’ cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery solution as part of your Business Continuity plan, you can ensure your data is stored securely and avoid catastrophic losses for your business. Our cloud backup is a fully managed, high-performance service that utilizes features such as block-level delta storage, flexible archive and retention options (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annually), multi-point replication, powerful file excludes, and bare-metal restore. These features are designed to decrease your bandwidth usage, save money from costly hardware, software, and licensing fees, while ensuring efficient, timely and secure data backups.

Uprite Services’ Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions include:

  • Recoverable, protected data backup
  • No servers to maintain, manage, update or upgrade
  • No costly software to purchase
  • No costly hardware to purchase
  • Fully monitored & managed service
  • Bare-Metal Restore (BMR)
  • High performance
  • Block-level delta storage
  • Flexible archive & retention options
  • Multi-point replication
  • Powerful file excludes
  • Daily monitoring of job status through our Network Operations Center