Nimble Storage Replication

Nimble Storage provides high-performance data processing and backup solutions at unbeatable prices

Optimizing your business data requires a storage system that's advanced and always available.

As your company grows, so too must your effort to store and protect business-critical applications like Microsoft Exchange, and SQL Server, the programs you use for server and desktop virtualization, and your database administration tools. Uprite Services works with data protection expert Nimble Storage to give businesses a highly secure way to replicate data directly to the cloud using lightning-fast flash storage technology.

Uprite Services’ Nimble Storage Replication provides the following benefits:

  • High-performance replication - Enjoy 10x faster data access and 5x more data coverage than the industry average
  • Maximized availability - Store large volumes of data using far fewer resources
  • Scalability - Increase your storage environment’s performance and capacity, efficiently and easily
  • Reduced overhead - Eliminate the costs of managing a secondary data center
  • Greater data availability - Immediately recover after a disaster with primary-to-primary storage replication

Managed IT Support

Eliminate the hassles and high costs of in-house IT maintenance and obtain full-service support and expertise with Uprite Services’ complete managed services, customized to your business’s needs.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Get assistance in implementing a data recovery solution to ensure business continuity in times of disaster. Uprite Services will protect your valuable information and lower your risk of data loss with reliable cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions.

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Cloud Hosting

Alleviate the time management and energy expense of maintaining bulky office servers. Our simple and cost-effective cloud hosting solutions provide secure and reliable options to loosen the grip on traditional desktop, server, and storage infrastructure.

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Office 365 & Migrations

Enjoy better collaboration and communication with fewer costs and resources. Uprite Services will seamlessly migrate you to our productivity-boosting cloud-based platforms without disrupting your day-to-day processes.

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