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The Uprite Way

Uprite is a trusted technology partner, providing managed IT, cybersecurity, cloud and managed phone solutions to Texas businesses. Our exceptional team thrives within a high performance culture. These 28 principles describe the daily behaviors that define our culture - We call it ... The Uprite Way.

1. Always Take Care of the Client

Remember, our client’s needs always come first. When working with clients, provide expert guidance to show that we are a trusted partner and not just another vendor. Sometimes that requires recommending solutions and alternatives that help improve their security and productivity.

2. Document Everything

Documenting is not something we do when we have time. Documenting is doing the job right. We show our work.  We show what we did, when we did it, and why it was done. Keep client documentation updated to ensure it remains accurate. Create how-to documentation to make work easier for everyone. When troubleshooting, search for existing documentation before requesting assistance.

3. Align Clients to Our Standards

Educate clients and prospects that by becoming an Uprite client, they agree to adopt our standards and best practices. Help clients understand the value of aligning with our standards, such as eliminating variability, preventing issues, strengthening security, and simplifying training and documentation. If something is out of alignment, fix it!

4. Keep Both Uprite and Our Clients Secure

We are responsible for keeping Uprite and client information and systems highly secure through our company standard policies and in compliance with HIPAA. If you find something that does not meet our security standards take steps to secure it.

5. Strive for First Touch Resolution

Our clients want their issues resolved quickly. Our goal is to resolve issues on the first touch by a technician. Tickets are assigned to a technician that has the right skills to resolve the issue. Before starting work on a ticket, you should be prepared with documentation and tools that may be required to solve the issue.

6. Follow Processes

Be passionate about our processes. It is our responsibility to follow existing processes, continually improve and streamline them, and create and document new processes.

7. Exceed Expectations

We create raving fan clients by exceeding their expectations. Go the extra mile by overdelivering superior service and following up with all clients and prospects. Meet project deadlines and keep projects within budget.

8. Be an Effective Communicator

Communication is key. Listen actively. Ask the right questions and always strive to answer who, what, when, where, and why. When conducting written correspondence, check your text for accurate spelling and grammar. Show good manners. Always follow-up. Eliminate confusion by avoiding tech jargon with clients.

9. Stay Open to Feedback

Uprite employees are constantly improving. Growth is our goal. We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement, even at peak performance. Grow by evaluating constructive criticism and applying change if necessary.

10. Meet Your Commitments

Do not let your teammates or the client down. Hold yourself accountable to schedules and deadlines. Know your limits. Do not take on tasks you may be unable to complete. Communicate if you are behind schedule.

11. Take Pride in Our Workplace

Show you care by routinely cleaning your work area, office, and company vehicle. Keep your workspace tidy. Put supplies back in their place. Our clean desk policy helps us stay secure. If we have equipment that belongs to a client, it should be put away neatly and secure.

12. Be an Uprite Brand Ambassador

Consider yourself having two roles at Uprite: your given title and the role of brand ambassador. Spread the word about Uprite. It is okay to brag. Show off your company pride, especially when interacting with clients and prospects.

13. Take Care of Company Resources

Manage Uprite’s resources wisely. Avoid behaviors that waste company time and money. Stay mindful by respecting our budget and handling company property with care.

14. Strive for Excellence

Hone your skillset. There is always room for improvement in everything you do. Set a positive example for others by giving every task 100% effort. Bring your A+ game to work every day.

15. Serve Others

Go out of your way to help your teammates. Remember to return the favor when someone goes out of their way for you. Stay involved with departments outside of your own. When you can, reach out and contribute to other projects.

16. Be Punctual, Reliable, and Respectful

Show respect and prove we can count on you by arriving on time for work, scheduled meetings, and events.  

Show up prepared and start on time.  Take notes.

17. Follow EOS™

We chose EOS™ as our management operating system to help us achieve targeted business results. As such, we must leverage EOS™ tools and methodologies.  For example, meetings should follow an EOS™ Level 10 format, with an agenda prepared in advance. Meeting notes, to dos, and next steps should be documented and shared to all meeting participants. Prepare for and actively participate in your 1:1 meetings with your manager. Set quarterly objectives and KPIs that contribute toward our corporate objectives.

18. Follow the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule says to treat others as you want to be treated. Exercise this concept in all your interactions at Uprite. Treat others with kindness and with respect.

19. Show Meaningful Appreciation

Saying “thank you” goes a long way. When giving thanks, be specific, and sincere. Thank our clients at every opportunity and your coworkers frequently.

20. Be Easy to Work With (Don’t be a Jerk)

Your positive attitude is contagious and uplifts everyone around you.  Drama, gossip, and negativity drag others down. Learn to express yourself without using foul language. Recognize that there is a fine line between teasing and bullying that should not be crossed. Uprite is no place for having fun at someone else’s expense. Bullying and toxic behaviors will not be tolerated.

21. Build Relationships and Connections

Forge meaningful connections with your teammates and management.

Build trust with our clients and users by guiding them with genuine support as their tech partner.

22. Be Present & Listen Actively

Stay focused by eliminating distractions when speaking with others: mute phones and keep laptop lids down. Listen actively and take notes if needed. Avoid talking over others and interrupting.

23. Practice Patience & Positivity

Exercise patience with clients and teammates. Learn to roll with punches. Things do not always go exactly according to plan and as such flexibility is required.  Maintain a positive attitude and try to view the positives of any situation, no matter how adverse.

24. Be Proactive and Creative

Brainstorm and bring ideas that can help Uprite grow and deliver even better service. Speak up if you see something that could be improved instead of assuming someone else is addressing the issue.

25. Do the Right Thing Always

Take pride in integrity and honesty. Be an advocate when necessary. Save time by doing a task right initially; avoid cutting corners. Right is sometimes difficult; easy is sometimes wrong.

26. Take Care of Yourself

Prioritize your health, both mental and physical. We care about our coworkers, and we want to see you not only performing your best, but also feeling your best. Show your teammates and our clients that you care by staying healthy, maintaining proper hygiene, wearing proper business attire, and presenting your best self.

27. Keep Family First

Uprite values family and strives to maintain an ideal work-life balance to keep family first. We work to live, not the other way around. Remember to relax and be available for the ones you love. Uprite understands that life happens, and we will do our best to support your familial needs.

28. Keep IT Fun

Let’s have fun building Uprite together. Try smiling, cracking a joke, and sharing a laugh daily to lift your spirits and spread joy to those around you. Find ways to incorporate fun into the workplace to make work more enjoyable for you and your team.

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