Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services

Uprite Services doesn't replace your current IT department, our team helps them serve the needs of your organization more efficiently.

A Fine-Tuned IT Department Provides Organizations A Solid Foundation To Serve Your Customers More Efficiently

Co-managed IT services provides your organization with a solid foundation for growth, stability and allows you to serve the needs of your clients better without the anxiety of IT getting in the way.

We don’t replace your current internal IT department. We help them become better!

This assertion is wrong as firms can have the best of both worlds. They can have a setup that enables them to address the disadvantages of each with the benefits of the other. The technology world is developing. Providers are offering various packages for organizations to choose those that fit their needs. Companies can outsource the entire IT department or specific functions.

Clients always ask Uprite Services whether their internal IT teams need external support. Uprite Services is a leading provider of reliable IT solutions for organizations in Houston. Our experts contributed to this article to help organizations make the right decision for them.

I know that when I need assistance, I can count on Matt, Kim and Jeremy for the best assistance and knowledge!! They are my absolute favorite!! IT assistance is a big, big factor from me after working for Compaq & HP & other corporations. Uprite Services is as close to the service received at Compaq which was the absolute elite!! Uprite is amazing!!

Can External Backup Help Your Internal IT Team Shine?

Organizations value in-house IT teams because they offer many benefits.

  • They enable the company to have direct control over costs and working hours.
  • The company can include them in business meetings that involve technology.
  • They are available to offer any IT help needed during business hours.
  • The organization can develop their skills through training and additional education, which can lead to improved trust.
  • They can keep company secrets better, as only a few people in the organization will know them.

Despite offering these benefits, the team’s services may not be enough to cover all your IT needs. Technology is always changing. Outsiders with exposure to different systems and programs may offer valuable help to your company.

IT may play a crucial part in supporting your operations. Ensuring it is the best setup offers many benefits, such as cost reductions, operations optimization, reduced downtimes, and better security. Getting the backup for the team is essential to enjoy these benefits.

Outsourcing some IT functions can make your internal IT team concentrate on other critical areas.

  • The staff can focus on managing routine tasks, such as maintenance and monitoring, and they can concentrate on offering troubleshooting services for your company.
  • In-house Teams can concentrate on pushing strategic projects or initiatives forward, such as cloud migrations and introducing new programs.

Support Your Internal IT With Co-Managed IT Services

External IT Providers Offer A Lot Of Flexibility

You can decide the services or functions to outsource and those to keep in-house. Depending on your changing needs, you may add or lessen the ones you get from the external provider. IT support from marketing service providers (MSPs) can enable you to enjoy improved capabilities, additional help, and experience of dealing with various infrastructures.

Reasons to Choose Co-Managed IT Services Over Hiring Additional IT Staff

While there are some benefits to hiring internal IT personnel, they can drive up your expenses. You will pay a basic salary and allowances. These expenses are substantial if you consider the amount you will pay for the entire IT team.

Costs of the in-house team include:

  • Salaries
  • Sick days
  • Vacation time
  • Benefits
  • Equipment/workstations
  • Overtime pay

Considering you will have these expenditures for every IT employee, the amount you pay them will be significant.

  • Finding a Replacement Can Be a Challenge: One of your staff may also quit or have an occurrence that makes them unable to offer their services. Your operations may undergo some disruption, and you will incur losses. Recruiting, orienting, and training the additional worker may take a lot of time.
  • MSPs Offer Business Continuity: As their staff gets to work alongside your internal team, they will pick up some things that may help you. They can cover any voids left by an employee as you figure out a way forward. Their rates for the period will also be way cheaper than if you had a full-time staffer.
  • Take Advantage of Co-Managed IT Years’ of Experience: MSPs working together with your internal IT team allows you to enjoy some benefits of outsourcing IT functions. Their staff often have more experience that the arrangement makes your firm enjoy. They deal with systems of various clients. Their encounters may enable them to predict future challenges for your firm or resolve problems beyond your staff’s capabilities. The external crew may also train your employees.

How Uprite Services Can Help Your Firm Enjoy Co-Managed IT Services

Uprite Services is a leading provider of managed IT services in Houston. We serve many small and medium-sized companies from all sectors. Our services are affordable and highly responsive.

Our customer satisfaction rate of 97.12% after serving thousands of clients highlights our commitment to providing services that meet clients’ needs. We offer flat rate IT support, IT security, Office 365, cloud support, and data recovery services. Investing in our services will help your firm prosper. We tailor IT solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Businesses leverage various IT support setups to succeed. We can offer backup to your internal IT department, and our contracts are flexible. You can allocate functions that you need us to help your team and change them depending on our arrangement. We will offer extra services, such as support, to ensure you get value for money and have a successful partnership with us.

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