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Managed Phone Services for Houston Businesses

Seamlessly Connect From Any Device, Anywhere

Connect & Collaborate

 From Any Device, Anywhere

Answer calls on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, anywhere you have internet access.

Maximize Productivity

With a Cloud Phone System

Stay connected and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Cut Costs

& Costs by Switching to a Cloud Phone System

Eliminate hardware and maintenance fees by going wireless.

Make IT Easy

With Responsive Support & User Training

Uprite techs are available 24/7 to assist with any issue you may have. Our comprehensive user training helps you get the most out of your cloud phone system.

Answer Your Phone From Any Device, Anywhere​

Enjoy Unlimited Local & Long-distance Calling Within the US & Canada

Uprite’s managed business VoIP phone service is a modern communications solution with advanced, reliable, and scalable features.

Boost employee productivity by allowing your employees to place and receive phone calls and texts from anywhere they have internet access. A cloud phone system connects all your physical locations with office extensions.

Uprite is the cloud phone system expert in your local area. We provide cost-effective, scalable, managed phone plans that meet your business’s needs. Our team of skilled technicians will ensure your migration to a new, cloud-based phone system is easy and seamless.

Stay ahead of the competition with a cost-effective, modern phone system that your employees will love.​


Starting at 50+ Users For
$ 22
  • 20-49 $24.99/mo
  • 5-19 $27.99/mo
  • 1-5 $29.99/mo


Starting at 50+ Users For
$ 29
  • 20-49 $31.99/mo
  • 5-19 $34.99/mo
  • 1-5 $36.99/mo


Starting at 50+ Users For
$ 35
  • 20-49 $37.99/mo
  • 5-19 $40.99/mo
  • 1-5 $42.99/mo



Speak with a Phone Expert

Schedule a call with one of our phone experts today to receive your free estimate. We will perform an in-depth telecom spending analysis to identify areas for potential savings and forecast future costs that scale with your business.


Roadmap & White Glove Migration

Our techs perform a thorough assessment to determine your phone system needs and develop a Phone Implementation Roadmap that meets them. Uprite's comprehensive onboarding process provides a seamless transition without business interruption. We provide training for your employees, helping them navigate their new phone system and teaching them how to get support from Uprite.


Stay Connected ✓

Communicate and collaborate seamlessly, wherever you need to be. Finally, instead of keeping up with your desk phone, Uprite has a phone solution that can keep up with you. Remote employees and offices stay connected thanks to Uprite's modern, cloud-based phone system, fostering collaboration and productivity. Enjoy features like call queues, advanced call routing, voice-to-text, and call recording.

Unlimited Calling Within the US & Canada

Uprite's managed VoIP business phone service revolutionizes communication with its leading-edge, reliable, and scalable features.

Enhance team productivity by empowering them to make and receive calls and texts from any location with internet service. Our cloud phone system seamlessly links your various locations with office extensions.

Recognized as Houston's premier cloud phone system provider, Uprite offers cost-efficient, scalable, managed phone solutions that cater to your business's specific needs. Our experienced technicians ensure a smooth and straightforward migration to a new, cloud-based phone system.

Outpace your competitors with an affordable, modern phone system that your employees will embrace enthusiastically.

Is robust telecommunication a cornerstone for your business's success?

Can your phone system keep pace with your company's growth?

Worried about overpaying for telecommunication services?

With a remote workforce, are you in search of a telecommunications partner to support your business needs?

Take command of your IT with Uprite's cloud-based managed phone service. Enjoy the security of sending and receiving phone calls and texts from any device, anywhere with internet access. Elevate your business above the rest, eliminating concerns about missed calls or sales due to an antiquated phone system. Uprite's all-encompassing managed phone service is contemporary, trustworthy, and expands with your business.

Uprite provides 24/7 support in the Houston area, along with complimentary user training and simplified onboarding. Our skilled technicians make the switch to a cloud-based phone system so effortless, you'll wish you had done it sooner.

We're here to support your expansion and act as your dedicated IT partner. Our goal is to help your business succeed. Your company deserves the best. That's why we ensure your IT works in favor of your goals, not against them.

Assert control over your business communications by selecting Uprite’s managed IT services, always on schedule. With round-the-clock local support, our team of experts is ready to assist at any moment.

Experience a seamless IT journey with Uprite, featuring easy onboarding and free user training. Our solutions are designed to be modern, reliable, and scale with your business, allowing you to choose what's best for your teams.

Key Features

Whether you’re currently in the midst of some serious growth or you’re looking to grow in the next few years, technology services will play an integral role in the expansion of your business.

24/7 Local Support
Hosted or On-Premise Server
iOS/Android Apps
Call & Text From Any Device
Voicemail to Email Transcription
Video Conferencing
CRM Call Center Solutions
Call Recording
Call Reports
Website Chat Integration

Select a Full Featured Managed Phone Plan


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Managed Phone Services FAQ

Uprite’s managed phone service uses VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) cloud technology, enabling you to make calls from any device, anywhere you have internet access.

As long as Uprite is your managed phone provider, we will fully host and maintain your cloud phone system. Uprite support is available 24/7 for assistance navigating your business phone.

Yes, VoIP is cheaper than a landline. Switching to our managed phone service can save you up to 60% on your phone bill. Using a cloud telephone system allows you to cut cords and costs. 

A single phone line is sufficient for a small business. SIP trunks use simultaneous calls, meaning multiple calls can be placed under the same phone number without issue. You may also define extensions.

There is no limit to how many phones can be on one line.

With a cloud phone system, there is typically no equipment necessary. Sometimes, a physical desktop is needed to act as the Session Border Controller (SBC): a firewall for your VoIP network.

Yes, VoIP frees you from a stationary desk phone. You may communicate via our cell phone app, desktop, or web client.

Yes, our managed phone solution produces clear, high-resolution calls with no static or feedback. With a solid internet connection and cell service when placing calls from your mobile device, your phone experience will be seamless.

Yes, SMS texting is available with our managed phone service.

Yes, call recording is an included feature with our managed phone service.

Yes, our managed phone solution offers seamless number porting, allowing you to keep your existing numbers and add new ones.

Yes, our mobile applications allow you to use your extension anytime, anywhere. There is no need to give out your cellphone number if you wish to keep it private.

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