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4 Reasons Your Company Should Text With VoIP

4 Reasons Your Company Should Text With VoIP
November 9, 2021

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems use your company’s internet connection to make and receive phone calls. You may have already known that, but did you know that you can use VoIP for text messaging as well?

There are many advantages to VoIP texting. We live in a world where clients – and in some cases, team members – expect communication to be fast, simple, and available 24/7. Businesses looking to offer that level of communication at a low cost should look into VoIP texting. Here are some reasons why:


VoIP Texting Allows You To Communicate With Clients in More Ways

People sign on to email lists to get free stuff or enter giveaways – from there, they promptly ignore emails or direct them to the spam folder. Very few people enjoy receiving marketing emails. Text updates, on the other hand, tend to be well-received. 

Text messages are opened quickly and have excellent conversion rates, according to Adobe. That makes text message marketing an invaluable tool – and one that you’ll have access to with VoIP texting.

Additionally, you can use VoIP texting to handle customer service or sales-related inquiries. Your team can respond to client inquiries using VoIP texting. Though clients will only be texting one number, any member of your team can respond.

You can also automate texting through VoIP, including automated responses to texts sent after hours. 


VoIP Texting Is More Efficient

VoIP texting offers many  efficiencies not found with standard text messaging services. With VoIP texting, you can use one number for all of your text messages. Multiple virtual numbers are also available should the need arise, a feature that is useful when tracking marketing campaigns or sales vs. service texts.

Automated VoIP texting means that important communications such as bill and appointment reminders are sent and delivered instantly, without human intervention. This way, your team can focus on communications that require a more personal touch.

You can also use VoIP texting for internal communications. Instead of emailing details from a conference call, you can text a link to them, so they’re less likely to get lost in someone’s inbox.

VoIP can also make it easier to handle voicemails; VoIP text software can automatically translate voicemails to text. Reading through texts can be much faster than listening to them. Text format can also make it easier to sort and prioritize voicemails. 


VoIP Texting Is More Convenient

With VoIP texting, you don’t need to use a cell phone to send or receive text messages. You can send texts from any device – mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. Switching between devices during a text conversation is seamless because all texts sync through your VoIP provider’s app.

VoIP texting also enables you to have more than one number per device. That is great for remote workforces who want to separate their personal and business contacts while still using the same phone.


VoIP Texting Makes Budgeting Easy

When you use VoIP for business texting, you utilize the same service and software for VoIP calls, simplifying the budgeting process.

Plus, there’s no need for additional hardware to text with VoIP. Texting with VoIP is just as easy as calling.


Setting up VoIP Texting

To text with VoIP, you need internet access and a VoIP provider with a mobile app that supports texting. To expand your texting capabilities, find a provider who supports MMS – this will allow you to send images, audio, and video files, as well as group texts.

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