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6 Ways VoIP Increases Business Productivity

6 Ways VoIP Increases Business Productivity
November 18, 2021

With VoIP technology, employees can place calls and send texts to clients or each other at any time, anywhere, from any device, unlike a traditional phone system. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is mobile, flexible, and scalable by nature, making it the natural solution for businesses looking to improve productivity. However, you may not be aware that IP telephony (VoIP) offers an extensive list of features beyond just calls and texts.

Read on to learn six ways that a VoIP phone system increases productivity.


Call Reports

Businesses can analyze the detailed data provided by VoIP call reports to study and refine every piece of a conversation. Real-time call reports highlight ring times, hold times and call durations of all calls placed through your business. Utilize call reports to follow KPIs and employee performance.

Simultaneous Ring

For many companies, a standout feature of a VoIP system is a function called simultaneous ring. Having simultaneous ring enabled makes a single incoming call trigger numerous devices to ring all at the same time, or simultaneously. An expected call from a client can be answered from any device in the office, meaning not just desk phones. A call from a client could trigger multiple desk phones, a mobile phone, and even a laptop or desktop computer to ring, making answering calls a breeze no matter where you are in the office. Not being tied to your office phone makes simultaneous ring a highly sought-after feature.

Call Recording

How many times have you found yourself hanging up from an important phone call or meeting, only to realize that you forgot a pivotal piece of information? Maybe you asked for details and could not reach a pen and paper to write them down, or worse, you think they said something, but you are not certain. By recording calls through VoIP systems, you will never have to find yourself in these predicaments again. Save phone calls as audio files, and breathe easy knowing they are secure in the VoIP cloud.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

Listening to voicemails can be a frustrating process. Playing voicemails is time-consuming, and many different factors can make recordings difficult to decipher. Thankfully, business VoIP systems offer a solution that helps you understand voicemails quickly. Voicemail to email transcription is a feature that converts voicemail audio files into plain text format, then forwards the text to your email inbox.

Digital Receptionist/Auto Attendant

A digital receptionist, or auto attendant, is a VoIP telephony feature that uses a responsive voice menu system to instantly transfer callers to extensions or departments without being forwarded through a physical receptionist. While a physical receptionist can quickly become overwhelmed with calls or temporarily step away from their desk, a digital receptionist is always available, meaning no missed sales opportunities or customer calls. Your digital receptionist is fully customizable, allowing you to route calls to any destination, including your voicemail inbox, at any hour.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Your VoIP system can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, creating a productivity powerhouse for your business. Integrating VoIP with Teams is a cost-effective solution to MS365’s calling plans. Teams integration provides administrators with an easy-to-navigate PBX rich in call center features like call routing, call queues and more.


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