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Arizona Braces for Russian Cyberattacks

Arizona Braces for Russian Cyberattacks
March 1, 2022

Arizona Braces for Russian Cyberattacks


The state of Arizona is on maximum threat alert as it braces for Russian cyberattacks following the United States imposing sanctions on Russia in response to Russia‘s war on Ukraine. Tim Roemer, director of The Arizona Department of Homeland Security, warns that Arizona’s water supply, pipelines, and energy sector all could be potential targets of a Russian cyberattack

“You could see those types of services go down in a city, in a county, in a state for any number of hours or even days,” announced Roemer.

Russia kicked off its war on Ukraine with an onslaught of cybercrime, attacking Ukrainian government websites and affiliated organizations and unleashing malware that wiped data from hundreds of computers: an attack that researchers determined had been in the works for as many as three months.

Arizona’s state network encounters 5 to 7 million total cyberthreats a month. Of these, approximately 2,000 threats are advanced, requiring further investigation to be deactivated.

As Arizona braces for Russian cyberattacks, Roemer urges citizens to ensure their software is up to date and to patch any vulnerabilities on their devices. He also encourages implementing cybersecurity practices like two-factor authentication and avoiding clicking on suspicious links in emails and texts, especially from unknown senders.

“Now is a very important time for sharpening your defenses,” says Roemer.

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