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Big News: We Are Rebranding To Uprite Services!

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April 11, 2019

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We’re very excited to announce that we are rebranding from 3coast Services to Uprite Services!

A Quick History Lesson Of Our Company Roots

In 1999, we were formed as the IT services division of 3coast Staffing. In 2016, after years of growth and establishment as a top provider of managed IT services for SMBs in the greater Houston area, we spun out as a separate company – 3coast Services.

Our New Identity, Uprite Services

After many meetings and much deliberation over the past couple of years, we will now be known as Uprite Services.

When asked why the name Uprite was chosen, our CEO Stephen Sweeney remarked, “We feel our new brand is better aligned with our corporate values and is much more clear about what we do – we built our business in an upright manner and serve our clients in an upright way. We always aim to do things the right way, without cutting corners or skipping over details.”

We are also here to support our clients and teammates – which is another definition of the word upright. Secure and reliable IT service is paramount for modern businesses, and is a structural foundation that could send a business crumbling down if not stable.

Lastly, we’ve modified the spelling of the word Upright to Uprite to include “IT” – which we highlight in our new logo.

Changes To Expect

So, what can our clients expect to change from the rebrand? Not a lot! Other than our new website, we’re keeping things consistent. We will still maintain our consistent level of service and expertise, while pushing industry standards forward. Our phone numbers will remain the same, and our old website and emails will be forwarded accordingly.

The biggest change you’ll notice is likely our visibility. We’re hoping to propel our brand recognition and dismantle any confusion around 3coast Staffing and Uprite Services with our new brand identity.

Stay tuned for additional enhancements to our new brand and refreshed website – www.uprite.com.

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