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Business Communications
August 30, 2020

Business Communication Solutions Allowing You To Service Your Customers & Clients

Email, instant messaging, text messages, and chat services are all critical communication strategies for organizations large and small throughout Texas. However, when issues arise and clients and customers need immediate service, nothing beats the telephone. Business issues and important messages can be easily taken care of with a quick telephone call compared to days of emails and other text-based messages going back and forth.

The technology behind the telephone has drastically changed over the years. A phone call still consists of two individuals or a group of people talking and sharing ideas.


Business Communication Solutions | Uprite Services

Business Communication Solutions For Texas Organizations

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the standard for all business telephone systems. VoIP provides many key benefits that are simply not found in older, legacy PBX or Key systems, which some organizations across Texas still use.  Business VoIP technologies provide many of the following benefits:

  • Costs: Organizations throughout Texas see immediate cost savings when switching from legacy phone systems to a business VoIP solution. Savings can be significant and Uprite has found that the savings realized with the switching to a VoIP solution often pay for the service and more.
  • Growth & Expansion: Have a growing business? A VoIP solution allows for easy expansion of your telephone services.  This expansion is not limited to your own physical office.  Hiring a great new employee on the other side of the state? VoIP solutions allow employees regardless of their locations to connect a phone to their Internet service or use a softphone on their computer or mobile device to instantly connect to the office.
  • Integrations: Have a sales professional working in a specialized CRM?  Need your customer support teams to log incoming phone calls?  Business VoIP technologies can allow a seamless integration into many of the top applications and services used by organizations today. Since the telephone is another device on your network, often voice services can be integrated well with all the other technologies you currently use today.
  • Global Presence: Business VoIP as mentioned above allows for easy growth and expansion. Opening an office in Dallas, Austin or El Paso? How about in a different part of the country or on the other side of the world? Business VoIP technologies allow organizations regardless of location to have a global presence. Want to have your office in California handle calls after hours? Easily done. Business VoIP easily allows an organization to expand and grow globally without any challenges.

Business Communication Services

Business VoIP isn’t the only business communication service Uprite Services can support organizations across Texas. Our team are specialists in many of the top business communication solutions available.

Uprite Services provides support for:

  • Microsoft 365: Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s productivity suite which is full of great applications and services to boost communication, collaboration, and more.  Uprite Services supports Microsoft 365 for many of our clients and has successfully deployed solutions for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Voice, and other communication services found in the Microsoft 365 suite.
  • Google: Google G Suite is used by organizations across Texas who want something other than a Microsoft solution. Uprite Services can support clients using Google’s communication services found in Gmail, Hangouts, and more.
  • Zoom: Zoom’s popularity rose sharply during the COVID-19 pandemic as organizations throughout Texas had employees start working from home overnight.  Uprite Services has experience working with organizations across Texas who use Zoom to host online meetings, webinars, and more.

How Uprite Support Your Business Communication Strategies

Regardless of the technology, your organization elects or wants to deploy for your business communications, Uprite is here to support and advise all clients on the top solutions and services available to meet your needs. Before you make that investment, speak with an Uprite specialist first. Since we work with many organizations across Texas we can help you understand any potential pitfalls and issues and help guide you towards a successful business communication strategy.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with an Uprite service expert first.

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