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How Co-Managed IT Saves Time, Headaches, and Stress On Internal IT Teams

Uprite Services provides Co-managed IT services in San Antonio and Houston. Considering a co-managed IT service? Talk to Uprite Services first.
October 7, 2020

Co-Managed IT Saves Time, Headaches, and Stress on Internal IT Teams

Anyone who has worked in IT understands how much time and effort is exerted dealing with daily tasks an unexpected hiccups. It doesn’t give you much time to check for security vulnerabilities, to plan software and hardware upgrades, or to migrate data between servers. But if attention is diverted away from future-proofing your setup, you might ultimately have more difficulties with which to deal. This is especially true if your business has quickly grown, but your IT team hasn’t been able to match pace.

Uprite Co-managed IT saves time and we offer services in San Antonio and Houston. Considering a co-managed IT service? Talk to Uprite Services first.

Meeting Today’s IT Needs Without Forgetting Tomorrow

The more your IT department has on its plate, the more likely that things such as security can slip through the cracks. At the end of the day, each person can only do so much. But hiring more people to work in your office may not be the best solution, especially if space is at a premium. Co-managed IT might be the solution to some of your woes. Co-managed IT can help with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Cloud apps, storage, and security
  • Network devices, storage, and security
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Data protection

How Can Co-managed IT Supplement Your In-House IT?

When you hire the services of an outside IT company, you can outsource some of the daily tasks. This frees in-house IT support up to focus on big-picture items such as upgrades and data management. Co-managed IT can also help if there are tasks that your current IT team have struggled to complete. Together, you can solve the problems that have plagued your company and brainstorm creative ideas to improve workflow.

If your company needs to monitor data and processes 24/7, you don’t necessarily need an employee in the office. Instead, co-managed IT can help. Many businesses employ an outside IT company to help outside of business hours. Co-managed IT can also help on those days when someone from IT has an emergency or illness.

While you might think that co-managed IT services are only remote, that’s not always the case. A local IT company can provide on-site services when necessary. But if your employees are split between locations or some work from home, remote services can be quite useful.

How Do You Find the Best Solutions for Your Company?

One of the perks of co-managed IT is the ability to scale services up or down as your needs change. These companies are ready to help when you need them, but you don’t have to keep them on the payroll permanently. Some companies find that even though they’ve hired a third-party to help with IT, overall costs go down because they can resolve technical issues faster without them becoming critical or requiring in-house IT to work overtime. Having enough hands on deck ensures that processes are streamlined, which also contributes to reduced costs.

Of course, to reap all the benefits of co-managed IT, you’ll want to shop around. See what IT providers and MSPs exist, the services they offer, and the costs associated with those IT services. Just like your company has a specific budget and needs, each of these MSPs offers different services.

Find the Best IT Solution For Your Business

By employing co-managed IT, you ensure that your IT needs are covered. Your employees can perform every task that’s necessary for customer satisfaction without any unnecessary hassle.

Contact Uprite Services today for more information about co-managed IT services.

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