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Does Your Houston Startup Really Need IT Services?

Does Your Houston Startup Really Need IT Services?
April 30, 2019

You’ve finally started pushing out that innovative idea for the world to see and things are starting to get exciting. Houston is arguably one of the best places for Startups in the US especially as it offers access to a great atmosphere and extensive resources. It’s even more appealing right now as Houston continues to intensify efforts to jumpstart its emerging Startup community.

However, with smaller budgets or even IT expertise, Startups quickly find themselves in the dark as they attempt to scale. If you’re a Startup founder, you’ll most likely agree that keeping up with the IT changes can be somewhat distracting especially when it makes you switch your focus from your primary purpose.

Wouldn’t it be ingenious if Startups in Houston found ways to partner with existing IT companies or consultants? This article explores key details surrounding whether your Houston Startup really needs IT Services or not. You can also expect to find details regarding the benefits of hiring an IT services Provider and some of the typical tech needs you may have. Let’s begin:

Benefits of Hiring an IT Service Provider for your Startup

You’re clearly new to this, so why wouldn’t you want to have the best possible start ever? Outsourcing your tech needs to an IT Services provider ensures you get the best possible footing from the get-go. The following are some of the key benefits you can expect from hiring an IT Services company for your Houston Startup.

Reduced Operating Costs

If you’re looking to reduce your running costs as a Startup, outsourcing your IT Services is one of the most attractive strategies for achieving this. By hiring an IT Services Provider, you’ll be saving on the costs related to maintaining additional members of your team and also associated costs like equipment and office space.

With an IT Service consultant or company, you’ll most likely pay a fixed or variable rate for the job or project regardless of how many people work on it.

Improved Expertise and Efficiency

With a managed service provider, there’s no beating around the bush; they’re simply hired to get the job done. When you outsource your tech needs to an IT company, you’re leveraging on the expertise they’ve gained from working with multiple clients across a diverse range of projects.

It’s expected that the knowledge of your Startup staff may be limited as they may not have gained enough experience before coming to work for you. However, IT Support companies are typically the exact opposite of this as mentioned earlier.

In addition, hiring an IT Services company to support your Startup also aids faster business decision making, thereby saving precious time and improving overall efficiency.

More Opportunities to Scale

As a Startup in Houston, one of the biggest concerns is hiring employees or team members that may not be needed over the long term. This challenge is however eliminated by outsourcing to IT Support companies. By hiring an IT Service provider instead of new employees, you can afford to pay only when they work on projects, freeing up labor costs and allowing you scale operations only when necessary.

Furthermore, hiring an IT Service Provider essentially allows you to focus on your core strengths and main purpose of your Startup as opposed to trying to do everything in-house. Hiring an IT company will enable you scale up pretty quickly by allowing you reinvest the time and labor saved to more productive areas of your Startup.

Lower HR Costs

When your Startup hires new employees, you can expect to bear the cost of their salaries and other additional benefits including leave allowances or bonuses. However, by outsourcing to an IT Service Provider, you only pay for work done. You also do not have to worry about employee benefits and can choose to only hire on a per project basis.

Some IT Services You Should Consider Outsourcing

While you’ll most likely handle some of your Startup’s most basic IT needs like email management or handling the phones for instance, you should certainly consider outsourcing more complex tech needs. The following are some examples of IT services we think you should consider outsourcing.

  • Cloud Storage
  • Cybersecurity Risk management
  • IT Support
  • Web/App/Software Development
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Database management
  • IT Infrastructure

Closing Thoughts

Houston is fast becoming one of the most attractive places to launch your Startup for many reasons. While launching or running your Startup can be somewhat exciting, the associated challenges must not be neglected. You’ll need to take advantage of every professional help you can get at this point and this is where hiring an IT Services company comes in. Outsourcing your Startup’s IT needs to a service provider will help place you on a level playing field with your competitors and give you a much better shot at succeeding. If you’re on the verge of launching your Startup in Houston or are already running it, get in touch with us today for an initial assessment on how an IT Services Company can support you better.

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