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How to Create the Ideal IT Setup For Your Business

How to Create the Ideal IT Set-up For Your Business
October 17, 2020

Creating the Ideal IT Setup For Your Business

Would you like to rest assured your IT setup is fully secure from the growing threat of hacker attacks? Are you tired of trying to figure out how new programs work or why they’re not compatible with your IT hardware or software? Would you like to automate jobs to facilitate industry compliance or simply save time and money?

Every single company needs a reliable, effective, optimized, and fully secure IT set-up to store data, sell goods and services, provide top-tier customer service to clients, communicate with suppliers and partners, and more. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars hiring your personal IT expert, only to lose help every time your resident IT technician takes a vacation, gets sick, or attends an industry conference. Managed IT services provide you with a team of experienced IT technicians you can count on to keep your systems running at optimal speed and performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

How to Create the Ideal IT Set-up For Your Business

Introducing Uprite

Uprite is a well-known, leading IT managed service provider with offices in Houston and other cities throughout Texas. We’ve been in business since 1999, helping each one of our clients create and manage a customized, optimized IT setup to meet their current and future needs.

Uprite gets high marks from current and past clients alike. We put a premium on customer service, and it shows. The wait time for professional assistance from one of our technicians is just under six minutes. Our team of nearly two dozen IT experts has serviced nearly 1,200 clients since our inception. Our satisfaction rate stands at 99.6%.

What We Offer

Uprite offers a plethora of services under one roof to make it easy for you to get expert IT assistance without having to connect with various companies to find specialized services.

Managed IT Services

Our team never takes a break. We’re always keeping tabs on your IT systems to ensure they’re running smoothly and efficiently at all times. We proactively look for ways to improve your set-up and keep our eyes out for vulnerabilities that could lead to a breach at a future date. Our team will automatically renew your licenses, update your software, and conduct routine maintenance to keep your entire system in good working order. We offer both fully managed and co-managed services to meet the needs of any industry or company.

IT Consulting and Project Management

Do you need help upgrading to a new program or service? Would you like to drastically improve IT operations on a limited budget? Our IT consultants have experience working with businesses of all sizes and industries, helping companies improve operations while at the same time ensuring that the new IT set-up is in line with local, state, and federal industry regulations.

Our consultants are always available to give you a hand. We’ll not only set up your system but also ensure it stays running properly long-term. If something goes wrong, we handle the vendor management, working with your hardware provider to find immediate solutions to any problem or challenge you face.

Uprite is a vendor-neutral IT managed service. Put simply, we don’t push any one company or set of companies. Rather, we offer our clients insight into what IT technology can offer their business and allow them to choose the products and services that best meet their needs and budget. Our stance ensures you’ll always get the best IT solutions on the market when you partner with our IT team.

Remote Work Assistance

Allowing your employees to work remotely as much as possible has a number of benefits, including increased productivity, lower employee turnover rates, and monetary savings as companies no longer have to pay for rent and utilities on large office buildings. However, it does also pose unique challenges. One of the biggest problems business owners face is setting up a secure, effective communications channel so remote workers can effectively partner with colleagues and supervisors as well as communicate with current and potential customers.

Uprite offers al the solutions you need to create a remote work setup that works for your business. Our team of cloud experts can help you understand the pros and cons of public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions so you can pick the set-up that best suits your needs. We can set you up with encrypted connections so your data is 100% secure as it moves to and from company servers. We can also help you select a communications system that will make it easy for everyone to stay in touch with each other and enjoy a friendly, productive company culture without having to commute to and from the office every single day. If problems arise, one of our experts will be immediately available to not only solve the issue but also prevent future problems.


Cyberattacks have risen sharply in the last year. Zoombombing, data breaches, fraud, ransomware attacks, malware attacks, phishing attacks, and other forms of cybercrime have become increasingly commonplace. No industry is immune. Hackers have targeted companies of all sizes and from all industries as well as educational institutions, medical facilities, municipal governments, NGOs, and even IT managed service providers.

Our IT team offers the layered IT protection you need to run your business safely and securely. We use top-tier anti-virus/anti-malware programs, next-generation firewall software, spam filtering, intrusion detection software, encryption, and multi-factor authentication to keep your systems safe from malicious software, emails, and website pop-ups. We also put a premium on security awareness training as statistics show that employee negligence is the leading cause of cybersecurity breaches.

At the same time, we know that these services alone aren’t enough to protect you from sophisticated cyberattacks. That’s why Uprite conducts security standards assessments to periodically assess your entire IT system to ensure there are no vulnerabilities that could lead to attacks. We give you a full report of our findings and make suggestions for improving your cybersecurity to keep your valuable data safe from falling into the wrong hands. We also have a top-tier security operations center where experienced IT experts use the best technology on the market to keep an eye on your network to detect and eliminate potential security incidents before they lead to a data breach or IT downtime.

Cloud Services

Cloud services can boost your business growth exponentially by providing flexible access to data, simple yet efficient back-up and recovery services, collaboration tools that enable you to hire the best experts in your field even if these experts don’t live in your city or state, enhanced security features, and a scalable IT set-up that can be adjusted at a moment’s notice to suit your immediate needs.

Our team of cloud experts makes it easy for you to select and migrate to the cloud platform of your choice. We handle the entire migration process for you to enable you to maintain regular business operations while your data apps transition seamlessly to a cloud server. We also offer cloud-based back-up services to back up your data in real-time so it’s immediately available in the wake of a disaster.

Business Communication Services

Don’t settle for a legacy business telephone system when you can benefit from all that VoIP services have to offer. VoIP business telephone services can integrate with your CRM to make it easy for you to log and share information, allow you to answer business calls even after you leave the office, enable you to make video and conference calls with ease, and more. VoIP systems are also ideal for companies that need to set up a customer service line that offers options to make it easy for current and potential clients to get in touch with the person in the company who can best answer their questions.

Uprite IT experts can help you select, install, and maintain the VoIP service of your choice. We also offer support for popular business communications services from Microsoft, Google, and Zoom.

Getting Started

Would you like to use technology to its fullest potential and propel your business forward in order to reach your core goals faster and easier than would have otherwise been possible? Uprite has a track record for providing top-tier services and assistance, and we take pride in helping each one of our clients reach their full potential. Get in touch with us at your convenience to learn more about our services or to make an appointment with our team of IT experts.

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