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The Top 7 IT Companies in Houston, Texas

The Top 7 IT Companies in Houston, Texas
August 9, 2019

As your business grows, the importance of hiring an IT company becomes more important than ever.

In this article, we have listed 7 of the best IT companies in Houston, Texas. Our criteria were their service quality and customer satisfaction. So, if you’re on the search for an IT company, check out our list below!

Uprite Services

Formerly known as 3Coast Services, Uprite is one of the best IT service providers in Houston. With over 35 years of experience, Uprite Services holds a unique position over its competitors. Understanding the customer’s true vision and implementing solutions accordingly is the strength of Uprite Services.

Uprite has some pretty amazing services to offer. One of them is the flat rate of IT services. Usually, IT maintenance is quite expensive when done in-house and the expense will fluctuate depending on your needs. But Uprite Services offer a flat rate, at all times!

Cybersecurity, vCIO, office 365 and migration are the most popular among many other services that Uprite offers. The cloud hosting is a great alternative to traditional servers that saves both money and time. Other than that, with 24/7 customer support and helpdesk, Uprite Services is the top contender among IT companies in Houston.


If you own a business that has a very old system network and consistent downtime is killing your business efficiency, Braintek might a good choice to go with. Braintek specifically targets small and medium businesses who are not in the position to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an IT solution.

Besides deploying effective computer network systems, Braintek specializes in repairs and remote assistance. Braintek doesn’t believe in hourly rates so you won’t have to worry about your IT bills every month. Instead, Braintek offers flat-rate services so you don’t have to go bankrupt paying the bills.

Braintek offers managed services as well. Cloud hosting and off-site backups to keep your data safe. Also, the onsite visits are designed to keep your system running smoothly. Technicians will visit your workplace on a regular basis to check and perform any maintenance. Because prevention is always better than cure.


With one of the most advanced installations in Houston, Truewater is truly a reliable and trustworthy IT service provider. Truewater serves all kinds of businesses including gas stations, apartments complexes, healthcare, manufacturing companies, and financial services.

Truewater doesn’t leave you with large bills that are totally illogical. They start with an audit of your current computer system. Finding out the performance issues and providing reliable solutions is their primary goal of Truewater as an IT company in Houston.

Truewater has been helping out small and medium businesses for the last 18 years. They believe in preventative protection rather than reactive solutions. Cloud services, server problems or general IT services, Truewater has services to cover every aspect of the IT sector of your business.


Lantelligent is one of those IT service providers that offer your money back if you are not totally satisfied with the services. They claim to be the fastest when it comes to response time. Lantelligent believes in flat rate services rather than hourly payments or payment on every service they perform.

A great service that Lantelligent offers is custom service packages. They will tailor a service pack that serves your business like a charm. Your bills will reflect that service rather than a common price that everyone has to pay.

Another field where Lantelligent has proved themselves worthy is managed service. Lantelligent offers state of the art cloud services, data backups, hosted solutions, phone systems, e-mail protection, and virtualization. All of these services are provided by highly trained computer experts who know what they are doing.

Cloudspace USA

You should get the idea from their name; Cloudspace USA focuses on cloud computing. To drive business online, there is no alternative to proper cloud hosting. Cloud storage and computing allows for more reliable and robust data flow to help small and medium businesses.

As a business owner, you should know about Amazon Web Services (AWS). They are the largest cloud service provider. Cloudspace USA is a proud partner of AWS. Cloudspace USA has top of the line solution architects to help you with the full experience of designs and cloud structures for your business.

Cloudspace USA doesn’t stop its services at cloud computing. They have conventional IT support as well. Cloudspace USA top managers have decades of experience from different industries. They have worked with a wide range of businesses and they understand your needs. Whether you need cloud services or IT services, Cloudspace USA could be your one-stop solution.

Elevated Tech

If you want more than just an IT company who will fix your computers when they break down, you might want to check out Elevated Tech. Apart from state-of-the-art IT services, they also specialize in cybersecurity. With the increasing number of security breaches around the world, a good measure is crucial to saving your business from a cyber-attack.

Elevated Tech claims that their IT services are uniquely tailored to fit your need. Though they might not be unique, they are certainly useful. Paying for unnecessary IT bills is a headache for a lot of business owners in Houston. But if you decide to go with Elevated Tech, you will only pay the bills for the services you actually took.

Managed network security is the best feature of Elevated Tech. As small and medium business owners are the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks, Elevated Tech suggests to take necessary measures to prevent that from happening. From secured Wi-Fi, firewall, windows patching to two-factor authentication and user awareness training, Elevated Tech has everything drawn out for you.


CITOC offers a wide range of IT services mainly targeted towards small and medium businesses.

CITOC has broken down its services into three different tiers. If you need help with strategic decisions, CITOC has a top of the line CIO service and that’s available as part-time. Virtual CIO service is designed to help you with your IT planning and budgeting every quarter. To implement the plan, they have a proactive engineer team. Finally, a regular IT maintenance team to help you with your regular IT needs.

CITOC believes technology is supposed to be constantly changing. Hence, the name CITOC. It means ‘Change Is The Only Constant’. Their IT professionals are as cool as the name. They are certified for all the industry standard solutions like Office 365, VMware, Azure, and Hyper-V. So, whatever you need regarding your IT, CITOC has it.

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