IT Services for Oil and Gas Companies

Technology Continues To Play A Significant Role In How Oil & Gas Companies Conduct Exploration, Extraction, Production, Refinement & The Distribution Of Oil, Natural Gas and It’s Related Bi-Products

Technology continues to play an important role in how Oil & Gas companies bring their products to markets.  Software applications, networks, communication systems and technology, in general, are essential to ensuring you get your petroleum products to market in a timely and profitable manner.

Uprite Services has a proven track record working in the oil and gas industry along the gulf coast and with organizations that are headquartered in Texas and have satellite offices across the country or internationally.  You need an IT company who understands how the oil and gas market works and get help with the following:

  • Knowledge of Oil and Gas applications including field data capture, production, and financial accounting, mapping and more
  • Experience with communication solutions including satellite and terrestrial solutions
  • A firm grasp on compliance and regulatory requirements with public-traded entities, production rules and more
  • A network of partners across the country including Canada and other countries
  • Deep relationships with many of the top application vendors, hardware suppliers and technology service providers in the oil and gas community

Technology is the cornerstone of the Oil and Gas marketplace, you need an IT company to help you navigate the waters of compliance, regulatory, communications, application support, and more.  Schedule a no-cost initial consultation with Uprite today and have a team of trusted professionals who will help guide you in the right direction.

Uprite Services approaches customer service with a servant attitude, which has made my experience with them exceptional. They are very responsive, always willing to explain what is going on, and look for solutions.

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Technology Solutions For Your Oil And Gas Company

An ARC survey found that oil and gas companies lose approximately 3-5% of their production to unplanned downtime. It’s a major challenge for the industry. Why? Because you’re using a complex mix of hardware and software that needs to be managed properly, and more than that, it needs to be managed by a technology services provider that knows the industry. When downtime happens, the average cost can be as high as $20,000 per day with an average annual impact of $450,003.

You don’t want to be experiencing unnecessary downtime, right? And you certainly don’t want to be losing that kind of money, right?

We know that downtime is frustrating. There are direct and hidden costs that add up when downtime occurs – from repair to labor to transportation and logistics and everything in between. It adds up quickly, and sometimes, it can feel out of control – like downtime is almost an inevitable occurrence in your industry.

We’re here to tell you that downtime is inevitable.

You don’t have to experience downtime that costs you far, far too much money each and every year. In fact, if you have the right technology in place, you can maintain or even increase your output with minimal to no downtime whatsoever. How can you achieve this? Well, that’s what we’re here for – to guide you in the process.

Basically, it all comes down to proper preventative maintenance, which means around-the-clock monitoring, regular patching, and updates, as well as advanced cybersecurity solutions that keep you safe. In addition, here are a few more ways we’ve helped oil and gas companies eliminate downtime:

  • Applying advanced analytics to enable a more predictive state throughout all areas of the organization.
  • Implementing optimization tools that help ensure a proper maintenance strategy is followed.
  • Enabling the collection and visualization of data related to equipment performance and/or condition.

We also offer affordable, cost-effective, and cloud-based OGSYS, third-party accounting software that provides full system administration services and support for businesses in the oil and gas industry. This solution allows enterprises of any size convenient data access from any location with a safe and highly available system, requires minimal upfront cost and eliminates the need to purchase and manage equipment.

Our IT solutions for the oil and gas industry give you:

  • Real-time data analysis via our cloud
  • Compliance with energy industry laws and regulations
  • Comprehensive managed IT solutions and around-the-clock support


In today’s day and age where technology, especially in the oil and gas industry, evolves at an incredible rate, it’s more important than ever before to make sure your technology services provider knows what’s happening in your industry, the challenges companies like yours face, and the technologies that can simplify your life.

Ready to eliminate downtime and maintain or improve output? Let’s get started together…

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  2. Find the right IT services plan for your unique requirements
  3. Enjoy a strategic, long-term partnership that helps you operate more efficiently