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IT Support and Services: Is Managed or Co-Managed Best For You?

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March 28, 2023

All organizations can benefit from outside IT support and services. For example, when your IT team is too stretched or having trouble keeping up with latest IT developments in cybersecurity.

If this is you, choosing whether you’ll contract for managed or co-managed IT services is down to your company’s needs and budget.

And if you’re a small or medium-sized business in The Lone Star State, Uprite provides both managed and co-managed IT services in Texas, giving you a menu of choices. We’re happy to talk with you about which would be best for your business.

In this article, we’ll

  • break down the differences between managed and co-managed IT support and services and
  • discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each.

We want you to feel you’ve chosen the right type of model for your organization. But first…

What’s The Difference Between Managed and Co-Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are provided by a managed service provider or MSP. This model is best suited if you currently need an IT department.

In other words, managed IT services are essentially IT outsourcing. They take over your projects and ensure your infrastructure is current while providing troubleshooting services.

In comparison, co-managed services blend IT support with your in-house IT department.

Co-managed IT services are better suited for offloading work from your internal tech department. This provides a helping hand so your IT department can work on more pressing matters.

Those differences between managed and co-managed IT services, are not set in concrete as to detail. But you’ll find them a helpful distinction as we go over the benefits and why you might choose one over the other.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

When tech support outsourcing companies manage your IT infrastructure, you’ll find the following benefits:

  • All IT solutions and responsibilities fall on your MSP.
  • Your MSP brainstorms and creates technology strategies that best suit your organization.
  • They have expertise in all tech areas such as security, network, help desk, etc.
  • Your employees can focus on business objectives that use IT versus trying to solve IT issues.
  • Your organization’s productivity increases.
  • You experience less downtime because they monitor your IT 24/7/365.

Disadvantages of Managed IT Services

There are many great things about managed IT support and services, but every story has two sides. Let’s talk about some of the disadvantages you might encounter.

Some of these are:

  • You have no internal expertise in your company for immediate answers – although a good MSP will respond within, say, 10 minutes!
  • If your MSP doesn’t understand your company goals thoroughly, this might affect decision-making. Check how involved and interested they are in you as a client!
  • You might have less control over how things are executed.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT support and services is a great hybrid solution if you currently have an IT department. You don’t have to get rid of your internal IT employees. The outsourced help simply supplements your organization’s skill set with whatever modules you choose.

They do this by focusing on managing and finding solutions to your IT and its infrastructure, which allows your employees to work on business-focused strategies.

Co-managed IT support and services are therefore beneficial for the following reasons:

  • They give you great insight into your network, its performance, and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • The set-up allows for more collaborations between personnel with different skill sets.
  • It’s a flexible partnership as you work side by side.
  • You can offload and add tasks as your business grows

Many organizations enjoy co-managed IT support because it provides the best of both worlds.

It allows you to retain IT employees who understand your business’s culture, industry, current business strategy, and goals.

But you also get an outside perspective with a wide range of skill sets that allow for planning and specialized knowledge.

By working on your infrastructure from both ends, it’s easy to keep your IT up to date and stay ahead of any issues.

Disadvantages of Co-Managed IT Services

Disadvantages of co-managed services include:

  • Your business has more responsibility.
  • You have higher internal IT costs.
  • There’s a possibility there will be less defined structure, although responsibilities should be clearly decided between you and the outsource partner.

Which IT Support and Services Is Right for You?

Now we’ve explained the possible benefits and possible disadvantages (in general) between managed and co-managed IT services, it’s time to choose. But how do you know which services best suit the needs of your company?

Even with all the pros and cons we’ve outlined, making a decision can sometimes present a challenge. It can feel like a once and forever!

To make it easier, however, we’ll run through a few scenarios that heavily rely on one service over another. This should make the choice a little easier for you.

At the end of it all, if you still need help deciding which IT support and services are best for your organization, remember that Upright not only has managed and co-managed IT services in Texas but also has project management services.

Nevertheless, here are a few scenarios that rely on one style of IT service over the other:

  • Co-managed IT services are best if you already have an IT department.
  • Go with co-managed IT services if you want more control over your IT infrastructure.
  • Managed IT services are best if you require 24-hour IT support and services.
  • Managed IT services are best if you need a team to manage your IT infrastructure daily.
  • Managed IT services come in the form of a long-term partner that will provide a helping hand for all your IT needs.
  • Co-managed IT services are best for saving money or when you have a limited budget. You can usually scale things up or down as necessary.

As you read through these scenarios, keep your organization’s specific needs in mind.

Uprite Can Help With Managed and Co-Managed IT Support and Services

The good news? If you need help to be sure you’re choosing the right type of managed or co-managed service for your organization, Uprite offers you a free consultation!

You’ll also find we offer a menu of technology choices that will play a role in the expansion of your business. In all tech areas, we pride ourselves on being the tech partner your business can trust.

We have IT outsourcing solutions for you in the San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston areas, so contact us today and let’s consult about your business needs.

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