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Major Mobile Carrier Hacked: Exposes Private Customer Information

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February 1, 2022

UScellular Logo

Has your sensitive information been exposed? On December 13, 2021, one of America’s leading wireless carriersUScellular, incurred a data breach that affected 405 customers.

UScellular notified its customers of the hacking, revealing that hackers accessed their billing data, exposing the billing information of 405 customers to cybercriminals.

An excerpt from their statement reads:

Information in customer accounts include name, address, PIN code and cellular telephone number(s) as well as information about wireless services including service plan, usage and billing statements. Sensitive personal information, such as Social Security number and credit card information, is masked within the CRM system.”

Thankfully, UScellular’s statement also reveals that they disconnected their hacked computer from the internet right away and reset the login credentials of those impacted.

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