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Sometimes, on-premises technology is simply too limiting for modern businesses. 

  • Do you get frustrated with expensive, complicated hardware that needs to be upgraded constantly? 
  • Do you worry that the data you’re sending and receiving via email or other file sharing services isn’t safe against intrusion? 
  • Do you struggle with keeping your team members connected to one another and the office when they’re working from another location?

Whether you’re frustrated with on-premises technology or you’re looking for a better way to collaborate, we have the answer for you. Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution that gives you access to your important documents, email, and applications from anywhere, at any time, using any device: 

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

Uprite Services assists organizations with migrating over to Microsoft 365 to cut costs, improve collaboration, and of course, ensure data security with the various built-in security measures included in the cloud-based productivity suite.

Over the years, we’ve found Microsoft 365 to be beneficial for virtually all types of organizations, regardless of industry or size. It’s an all-in-one platform that gives you: 

  • Anytime, anywhere access to files, contacts, email, and applications
  • Greater collaboration capabilities for remote workers
  • Automatic updates to keep you current
  • Enterprise-grade security measures to keep sensitive data safe

Uprite Services’ Microsoft 365 & Migrations solutions offer:

  • Powerful applications – enjoy the online versions of the latest Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for Business, and other Office applications
  • More mobility – work from wherever you are with any Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device
  • Greater stability and reliability – increase data redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Larger storage capacity – get plenty of space for all your files with 1TB of storage per user (for Office 365 Exchange, get unlimited free storage on OneDrive
  • Communication tools – connect with colleagues via instant messaging, web conferencing, and multiparty data sharing
  • Scalability – easily add or remove users
  • Security – Microsoft’s super-secure servers will keep your files safe
  • Support – get 24/7 support when you need it

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