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July 25, 2020

There’s Nothing Worse Than Coming Into The Office To Find Your Business Network Out Of Commission.

Uprite Service’s Network Operations Center makes sure this never happens, keeping your organization fully functional.

We’ve all been there, we’ve come in early to the office or want to work late on a project…this is when it happens.  The network is down.  You pay your managed IT services company or your IT department good money to keep your systems up and running, but do they have the systems in place to make sure this doesn’t happen?  Uprite Services makes sure your network is always up and running with our network operations center keeping an eye on everything, allowing you to get your work done.

Our network operations center will:

  • Keep a watchful eye on all your information technology
  • Respond rapidly if any network outages occur
  • Keep all your IT systems up-to-date with all the latest updates
  • Network performance is maintained
  • Make sure intruders stay off of your network
  • and more.

The best IT service and team there is in town, very prompt and professional! I really like that their service includes sending a tech to your office once-twice a month, Abraham was such a lifesaver! He fixed every tech issue we had! If I could give them 10 stars I would 🙂

Network Operations Center Services | Uprite

Does Your Business Need Our Network Operations Center Services?

MSPs leverage something known as remote monitoring and management (RMM) software installed on all agents for the purpose of supervising and controlling systems within the infrastructure. This is a critical part of providing a proactive service that includes monitoring, maintenance, and support. We take it one step further with our NOC – a centralized location that allows us to support the efforts of our RMM software.

How does our NOC work?

Our NOC is where our engineers perform the monitoring, maintenance, and supervision required to keep your infrastructure up and running with optimal performance and reliability. Essentially, they’re able to visually keep an eye on your infrastructure at all times, which means they can:

  • Make adjustments as needed to improve network speed or performance, and in turn, keep your staff members productive.
  • Intervene when an issue occurs right away instead of waiting to be alerted via our RMM or one of your staff members experiencing problems.
  • Keep our own internal team members freed up to focus on more strategic initiatives with you, such as creating a business technology roadmap.

What do our NOC engineers keep an eye out for?

Our NOC engineers are keeping an eye out for anything that may threaten the uptime and/or performance of your network, including:


  • Power failures
  • Backup failures
  • Virus infections



  • Server failures
  • Issues with network devices
  • And much more


Through our NOC, they also handle the following tasks to keep your infrastructure running smoothly:

  • Software installations, updating, and troubleshooting
  • Backup and storage management
  • Network assessments and discovery
  • Enforcement of policies
  • Firewall monitoring and management
  • Antivirus scanning
  • Patch management and whitelisting
  • Performance reporting and recommendations for improvements

Although many aren’t even aware of our NOC, it’s an integral part of our service delivery as our engineers coordinate directly with us – allowing us to focus on you, our client – providing the highest quality support to you at all times.

Enjoy a highly reliable, secure infrastructure that keeps your team operating as productively and efficiently as possible. Get started with us now. Call {phone2} for more information.

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