Proactive Services

Don’t Wait For An Issue To Happen, Take The Preventative Approach.

If there’s one complaint we hear more than anything else about technology, it’s this: people are frustrated because they’re constantly putting out fires, and in turn, their workers aren’t able to be productive throughout the day. Technology isn’t foolproof. This is an unfortunate reality, but there are ways to greatly reduce and even eliminate issues altogether. It’s all about proactive technology support.

Here’s the thing… It’s far cheaper to actually prevent technology failure than constantly put out fires. After all, repairing or replacing a system can be quite expensive, especially when you consider the fact that employees won’t be able to USE that system while it’s being repaired or replaced.

Proactive Services

But what does it mean to be proactive?

A lot of IT support companies will talk about being proactive in the sense of applying patches, updates, and monitoring the network around-the-clock. Although this is important, and we believe an integral part of any offering, it’s not necessarily the type of proactive that prevents issues from bringing productivity to a complete halt. We take pride in truly being proactive through the following services:

  1. Business Technology Roadmap: Your short and long-term initiatives will always be documented to prevent any sort of unexpected costs, outdated equipment, or issues with scaling as you grow. This gives you the ability to anticipate future requirements, plan projects, choose the right vendors, and ultimately, gain a better understanding of the costs necessary.
  2. Documentation Excellence: If an issue does arise, you don’t want the technician taking care of you to be completely unaware of how your network functions. This is a surefire way to ensure the downtime persists well past an acceptable time frame. We strive for what we like to call “documentation excellence” when we work with our clients. We keep accurate and up-to-date documentation on everything technology-related.
  3. Proactive Network Assessment: A minor issue on the network can turn into major downtime – becoming a costly disaster before you know it. A network assessment plays a critical role in making sure your network is safe, reliable, and operating at peak performance. We do a comprehensive review to find any vulnerabilities, issues or other problems and provide a full report to you with recommendations for improvement.

In the simplest terms, this is what it takes to be proactive. If you’re done with constantly putting out fires and you’re ready for a true proactive approach – above and beyond patching, updates, and monitoring, let’s talk…

  1. Book a meeting with our team of proactive information technology experts
  2. Get started with a fully managed technology support plan
  3. Enjoy more productivity, less unexpected costs, and a more competitive edge

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