Remote Workforce Solutions

Keep Up With Client Demands, Business Operations While Providing A Secure Workforce Solution For All Employees

Telecommuting and remote workforce solutions continue to play an important role in today’s business environment. The COVID-19 pandemic escalated the uncertainty of the future and how organizations can continue to offer services to their clients while providing a safe remote work environment for employees. As a result, many organizations have introduced remote work solutions to protect them and others. According to industry research, up to half of the workforce across Texas is working from home. That’s double the amount from 2017-18, including many at the time who worked from home only when needed.

And although many counties across Texas are currently slowly lifting the restrictions imposed to contain the coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19 has permanently changed the way many organizations work. Working remotely has become a necessity, in the post-COVID-19 era it may be a part of the “new normal”, as organizations start to realize the benefits of such practice, like:

  • Increased levels of job satisfaction and employee retention
  • Maximized staff productivity and efficiency
  • Hiring great people regardless of their physical location
  • Reduction in fixed costs associated with maintaining office locations

Uprite Services has many years of experience helping organizations across Texas implement remote workforce solutions, allowing team members to work remotely in a secure and efficient environment.

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Remote Workforce Solutions

Remote Workforce Solutions

A 2020 study from Gartner’s CFO survey revealed that 74% of the companies intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently. What will be the impact on your Texas organization as more and more team members shift from working in the office to working from home?

Remote work and management are not easy, especially for business owners, managers, and employees who are experiencing this it for the first time.

Remote Work Challenges

One of the most efficient ways to embrace the “working from home culture” is to establish clear remote work policies and training. However, during times of crisis like a major pandemic, hurricanes, and other business interruptions, organizations in Texas do not have much time to prepare. The largest issue with unpreparedness is that if not done correctly, instead of the benefits mentioned, telecommuting has the potential to backfire on business productivity, efficiency, and even more important…security.

Common challenges faced by a remote workforce include:

  • Lack of communication: Since COVID-19 there has been a bunch of teleconferencing technology introduced, technologies such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Hangouts, have reduced the distance between team members. However, the lack of face-to-face management has reduced access to employee support, real-time feedback, and other issues that have impacted productivity and efficiency, especially for those experimenting telecommuting for the first time.
  • Lack of team-building: Remote work has an increased effect on personal relationships between staff members. Organizations that have a virtual workforce have experienced a lack of colleagues who collaborate and trust their fellow team members. Trust and collaboration that would happen naturally if they were sharing an office throughout the workday.
  • Limited access to information: Another critical issue with today’s workforce in a virtual environment is the ability for employees to get access to the information they require to perform their duties. Information that they would normally have access to when in a physical office environment.  Now collaboration and information sharing needs to be done through email, chat software, telephone calls, and other technologies that take more time and have an impact on efficiencies.
  • Sense of isolation: Isolation is the biggest struggle with almost all remote workforces. Isolation has a huge impact on the sense of belonging, collaboration, morale, and even your corporate culture.
  • At home distractions: True for people with children in the house, pets, other family members working from home.  All of these lead to an impact on the productivity and efficiency of your workforce.

How Uprite Services Helps With Remote Workforce Solutions

No matter what the future brings to organizations across Texas, Uprite Services is here to assist in ensuring your organization has the right information technology and support to ensure your remote workforce continues to operate in an efficient manner, works in a secure environment and that your clients and customers continue to get the service they expect. With the right remote workforce solutions in practice, you, too, can strengthen collaboration, corporate culture, and access to the tools and information your staff needs, even at a distance.

If you are looking for the right managed IT services company to assist in creating the solutions you need to ensure successful remote workforce solutions faster, Uprite Services invites you to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team of IT professionals and remote workforce professionals to help you in understanding how to best deploy and support your remote workforce.