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How To Save Money With Microsoft Teams

How To Save Money With Microsoft Teams
November 20, 2020

How To Save Money With Microsoft Teams

If you think that Microsoft Teams is just for remote work, think again. Offering your employees a collaborative cloud resource saves time and money in and out of the office.

Microsoft Teams helps companies improve access to information, reducing operating costs, and generating more time for you and your employees to put into growing your business.

Here are some straightforward ways to save money with Microsoft Teams.

Easy access to information

The Teams platform empowers employees and improves their overall satisfaction. This cloud resource eases the frustration an employee encounters when it’s hard to access vital information and training.

Your company can save time and money by providing training videos for certifications, company policies, and more on the platform. You can also streamline human resources paperwork and use the Shifts app to help your staff book days off, track holiday pay, and see other vital HR information.

Additionally, with Microsoft Teams, employees don’t have to search through paper files to get to the data they need. And they don’t need to wait for the marketing department to access company logos or printed services.

Microsoft Teams houses your company’s information in the cloud, offering a go-to resource for team members to access during client meetings, when they’re creating reports, and when they have questions.

Using chatbots for FAQ

You cannot only upload all of the essential files your team will need for a project, but you can also provide a database full of answers to their questions. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to access prewritten answers to questions in the form of chatbot conversations. An employee can type in a question and get an answer from the company database, saving time and money on training and presentations.

Save time on meetings

Teams offers virtual meetings that are an excellent replacement for time-consuming face-to-face meetings. Not only that, but it enables a business that has several locations to conduct a company meeting without traveling expenses.

Regardless, if there’s one place businesses can always be more efficient and save money, it’s in the amount of time spent on meetings. The platform makes it simple to follow a schedule and keep the team on track.

Efficient collaboration

Microsoft Teams offers all the options of working with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other software in real-time. Not only that, but members know that they’re always working with the most current document version.

The screen share option is an excellent collaboration tool that allows team members to control each other’s screens. Screen share means saving money on training.

Microsoft Teams offers various forms of communication, making collaboration efficient. Your team members can talk to each other via messenger or video chat and bookmark important conversations.

Excellent ROI

Forrester Research conducted a financial analysis that found organizations experienced a $30.3 million return on investment over three years, resulting in an 832% ROI. Time is money. Microsoft Teams offers an excellent ROI because you can provide network access to your business’s paperwork and data. The array of collaboration tools makes it an essential tool in business today.

Microsoft Teams saves money in and out of the office

Maybe you know that Microsoft Teams can save you money, but you’re not sure where to start. Uprite Services is a managed information technology provider to organizations in Texas. If you need answers, we can help.

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