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IT Security and Compliance

July 24, 2020

Keep Your Business Safe From Cybercriminals

Every once in a while, someone gets in touch with us and asks about cybersecurity. Typically, they ask something along the lines of “why is cybersecurity so important all of the sudden?” We get it, especially for those who have been in business for a while. But think about it this way… You’re not using anywhere near the same technologies you used a decade ago, right? Chances are, the systems you use are far more advanced – offering greater efficiencies than ever before. Well, as technology advances, so does cybercrime.

This is particularly true with the rise of cloud computing. Nowadays, most businesses are using some form of online document sharing, email, and databases that are accessible wherever they go. Does this sound familiar? Well, all of these advancements have made it much easier for hackers to infiltrate a network. Even if you think you’re using secure systems – and you probably are – hackers can find a way.

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IT security and Compliance

IT Security and Compliance Services By Uprite

In the past, firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption tools were enough to keep the wrong people out of your network. Nowadays, this is far from the truth. It takes a team of experts with a myriad of solutions, layered on top of one another, to stop hackers in their tracks. If you’re here reading this, you’re already aware that you can’t ignore cybersecurity, and more importantly, compliance.

You want help staying safe – but where do you turn?

Our biggest recommendation is finding a team of experts who know what they’re doing. It’s easy to find cybercrime statistics that will shock you (like hackers are attacking networks every 39 seconds) but it’s not always easy to find someone you can trust with your systems, data, and ultimately, your livelihood. So where do you turn for the guidance you need when it comes to security and compliance?

It’s important to find a technology support partner that offers more advanced security and compliance services. At a bare minimum, they need to provide:

  • Anti-virus software
  • Intrusion detection software
  • Spam filtering
  • Encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • User security awareness training

But beyond that, they need to dive deep into the more advanced security and compliance services. Our team, for instance, offers:

  1. Security Standards Assessment: A security standards assessment involves a third-party testing your organization’s security tools, processes, and procedures to look for vulnerabilities and/or backdoors. Then, you receive an in-depth report with recommendations to improve your security posture.
  2. Security Operations Center: Your information technology team builds your infrastructure with security in mind, but a SOC service is there to protect it. A SOC combines technologies, people, and processes to keep an eye on your network, then receive and analyze reports regarding threats in real-time.
  3. Compliance and Regulatory Assessments: We combine our technological expertise with our in-depth knowledge of current and emerging regulatory compliance requirements across various industries, then we review your systems, processes, and procedures in depth and document the entire process.

When you need help with security and compliance, choosing a team of experts is paramount to ensure it’s done properly. Get in touch with us…

  1. Book a meeting with our team of cybersecurity experts
  2. Find out which security and compliance service is necessary
  3. Get peace of mind knowing you’re safe and in compliance – all the time

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