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July 25, 2020

Strategic IT Consulting: Do You Have A Plan Or Roadmap For Your Technology Investments & Business?

Most of us are well aware of how important technology is. After all, you can’t make, market, or provide your product and/or service without using technology. A business technology roadmap is essential to helping you ensure you’re adapting your infrastructure and applications based on the way your business is evolving, and in turn, achieving success now and into the future.

If you don’t have a business technology roadmap in place, you may find yourself surprised with:

  • Antiquated, outdated equipment that needs to be replaced
  • Unexpected troubleshooting and/or maintenance costs
  • Lack of flexibility in terms of the ability to add or remove users
  • Configuration issues between various applications
  • And much, much more

Uprite Services has been our company's IT Service provider for over a year and they have done a fantastic job of managing our complex IT needs. We service a lot of Financial Institutes At Synergetic Communication and they have been instrumental in protecting and processing our client's data and interfaces. I highly recommend them.

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What is a business technology roadmap?

A business technology roadmap is a document that outlines the various initiatives required to reach short and long-term goals through the effective use of information technology. This gives you the ability to anticipate future requirements, plan projects, choose the right vendors, and ultimately, gain a better understanding of the costs necessary. In addition, a business technology roadmap keeps c-level executives in the loop on current and future projects so they can:

  • Understand and plan around upcoming projects and their costs
  • Be strategic in terms of requesting improvements to current infrastructure
  • Gain awareness into what’s bringing value vs. not delivering a return on investment
  • See opportunities to cut costs or further optimize business process

What should be included in a business technology roadmap?

The purpose of a business technology roadmap is to help you adapt your infrastructure and applications based on the way your business is evolving, which means there are a few key factors that must be included in that roadmap:


  • Goals
  • System capabilities
  • Risk factors
  • Resources



  • Training
  • Milestones
  • Status reports
  • Costs


How do we create a business technology roadmap?

We start with gaining a more in-depth understanding of your company – who you are, what you do, and what’s important to you. It’s important for us to have input from all of your stakeholders, including project managers, operations managers, finance managers, sales and marketing managers, and more. Why? Because hearing first-hand from the people who use your technology helps us understand the pain points and challenges we need to work on.

Start being prepared for what’s needed to succeed now and into the future with a business technology roadmap. Get in touch with us now.


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