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The Advantages of Scalable VoIP Solutions

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December 7, 2021

VoIP solutions allow you to use the internet for telephone services instead of relying on old-school copper wire connections. There are numerous advantages to VoIP solutions; today, let’s talk about how they offer scalability.

The VoIP solution you choose is equally important as the underlying technology that enables VoIP. A good VoIP provider will offer a wide variety of services, such as texting via VoIP. The ability to add VoIP services as needed is a core element of the scalability of VoIP solutions.


VoIP Lets You Add New Phone Lines and Remove Existing Ones When Necessary

With traditional telephone solutions, you would have to wire an analog phone line to your PBX every time you wanted to add a new phone number. In the same vein, you would have to remove these same connections every time you needed to get rid of a phone line.

Not so with VoIP. Adding a phone line is as easy as plugging in a headset or a VoIP phone into your computer and contacting your VoIP provider to add a phone number. You may already have phone numbers available and not in use – you can use one of those as the phone number for the new line as well.

Even if you have a legacy phone system, you can convert it to VoIP using something known as SIP trunking. After, you can add and drop phone lines as needed, all while keeping the existing lines tied to your legacy phone system in place. 


VoIP Gets Rid of Expensive and Complicated Hardware and Wiring

Have you ever used Skype? Have you used WhatsApp to place a call? If so, you have some idea of how little hardware VoIP can take – both of those programs use VoIP technology.

That means your team members will need little more than a headset and a computer to use VoIP. We call the phone lines used with VoIP softphones because they are software phones, unlike hardware phones used by legacy phone systems.

You certainly can use hardware phones in your VoIP phone system – but it is unnecessary. And whether you use hardware phones or not, you will still have access to all of the analytics and features that VoIP can provide. 


With VoIP, You Choose What Features Are Important to You

VoIP providers offer several features to their clients. These features can include:

  • Analytics
  • Auto-Attendants
  • Call Forwarding
  • Instant Messaging
  • Custom Hold Music
  • Business Text Messaging


And that only scratches the surface. VoIP providers are like a mix between traditional phone service providers and SaaS providers. As such, you can easily add new features or remove unnecessary features as needed.

The ability to add or drop phone lines and services as needed while eliminating hardware costs makes VoIP incredibly scalable. It is why more and more businesses are choosing VoIP services and why we offer VoIP services to our clients. For more information, click here.

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