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The Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services
May 26, 2021

As an organization, you rely heavily on technology to enhance your efficiency and productivity. While you may have an effective in-house IT team, your business could do better if you outsourced some of your IT services. In this article, we will explore the benefits of co-managed IT services. First, let us define what co-managed IT services are.

What are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT services refer to an arrangement where a firm retains an in-house IT team and supports it by outsourcing some IT services to an external IT team. Co-managed services are effective when there is a healthy collaboration between management, the internal team, and the external team.

Management has to involve the internal IT team when selecting the external team and the services to outsource. That way, the internal team will not look at the external team as a threat to their jobs.

On the other hand, the external team will support the internal team without overstepping its mandate to avoid conflicts that may affect the effectiveness of the IT department. Here are the benefits of co-managed IT services:

Predictable Low IT Cost

Your co-managed IT partner will give you IT packages you can choose from depending on your IT needs. This will help you predict your IT services costs, unlike when you call in IT technicians at random when you experience IT problems that your internal team cannot handle.

Besides predicting your monthly IT support expenditures, your co-managed IT services may cost you less than what you spend on random IT support services. Your IT partner may also offer you discounts you may not enjoy without an IT co-management package.

Unlimited Expertise

IT firms are constantly innovating software, hardware, and solutions to support different business processes. Your IT team may not have the expertise to install and operate new technologies. However, with a co-managed IT service, you will not have to worry about limited expertise.

Your IT partner like Uprite Services will offer you unlimited expertise since they may have a wider pool of experts than what you have in your in-house team. It will be up to the partner to ensure his team is trained in the latest technology to meet your needs.

This is especially helpful when implementing new technology. The external team will work collaboratively with your internal team to ensure the transfer of knowledge for your in-house IT team to learn the new technology and work with it effectively in the absence of the external IT team.

Besides, since they work with many organizations, they have more exposure to emerging technologies. Their employees are more experienced since they are called upon to work for many clients in different industries, unlike in-house IT teams with exposure to only one organization.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

You may have hired your IT team to perform specific tasks like training. However, they may not be working productively if the other employees keep requesting them to assist with tasks like logging in or troubleshooting device and software malfunctions.

When you hire an IT co-managed services company like Uprite Services, you offer the employees a dedicated line to call for their IT concerns. This gives your in-house time to concentrate on the tasks you hired them to do.

Your IT partner will ensure your IT infrastructure is working efficiently. They will also ensure your company is adhering to industry standards and regulations concerning your IT, data protection, and sharing policies. Besides leaving you to concentrate on your core business task, this keeps you from getting into trouble with authorities for non-compliance.

Prevention of Cybersecurity Breaches

Cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics. New threats emerge every waking day, needing more cybersecurity expertise. Your IT partner may know about new cyberthreats and how to deal with them to reduce your exposure to cybercrimes.

In addition, when you have a dedicated IT support team, you will limit the number of people who access your systems. This is another way of reducing your cybersecurity risks as the number of IT experts accessing your IT systems and data will reduce.

Your IT partner will work consistently on your infrastructure. They will know the cybersecurity feature you are using, when they need upgrading, or when they are no longer effective in dealing with current threats. They will help keep you secure and reduce your downtime when you experience cyber attack incidences.

If you hire random teams, they may not fully understand what is already in place. This may create gaps that cybercriminals can take advantage of.

Your internal teams may cause cyber threats accidentally or maliciously. An effective cybersecurity system may protect you from accidental attacks.

An external IT team may bar your internal team from attacking the system maliciously. Malicious employees may be afraid that the more qualified and experienced external team will track their activities and expose their actions.

Unlock the Benefits of Co-managed IT Services for Your Business

While these companies may have huge budgets to afford to hire high-end IT skills and lay state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, you may not afford to do so. However, you can enjoy the same expertise and technology provided by your IT partner.

IT services providers are in business. To keep themselves competitive, they keep their skills, technology, and equipment updated. When you hire them, they bring the same expertise, technology, and equipment they use when serving large companies. This may give you a competitive edge over other small businesses in your industry.

You may lack the funds to research, develop and implement customized IT solutions. This may also take a lot of time. However, when you co-manage your IT services, your partner may identify existing IT solutions they can customize to meet your needs.

This will leave more time for your employees to dedicate to core business tasks and reduce your IT costs significantly.  It will give you a competitive edge since you will have high-end IT solutions at a lower cost.

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