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The Benefits Of Co-Managed IT

The Benefits Of Co-Managed IT
August 18, 2021

IT has always been complicated. The very nature of digital infrastructure means that there’s a lot to do: securing networks, ensuring consistency from computer to computer, monitoring connections – you name it. You can do it all with co-managed IT.

Co-managed IT is a service that we offer to shore up your existing in-house IT team. By putting your team’s knowledge and our team’s knowledge and resources together, we’ll be able to find the best solutions for your organization.

There are several benefits to co-managed IT. Let’s take a look at some of them now:


We can shore up your resources when your business is growing 

Whether you’re rolling out a new website or product, or you’re rapidly expanding your team in anticipation of an influx of demand, co-managed IT can help.

Hiring new in-house IT staff is time consuming. We can give you the resources you need to rapidly scale up your IT resources for your new project. We can also provide you with knowledge your in-house team might not have. For example, you might be undergoing a cloud migration while most of your IT staff are more network security oriented. We have cloud migration experience, so we can handle that aspect of the project for you. 

With our knowledge and resources, we can bolster your in-house staff during and after the project’s implementation. By integrating our resources with yours, and scaling them up as needed, IT will never again be a bottleneck to your business growth. 


Co-managed IT is Scalable

You may only need to hire us to help with one element of your IT infrastructure, such as network security. You may find that, as your business grows, you need to expand the IT services you’re receiving – you might, for example, need a team to help migrate your staff to remote work.

Whether you need one or all of our services, you can quickly upscale or downscale. This offers flexibility that hiring new staff simply doesn’t – you don’t want to hire a whole team only to have to lay them all off three months later. 


You’ll get 24/7 support

You don’t want to pay staff 24/7 for things like managed detection and response. That’s where co-managed services come in. Because our entire focus is IT, we have staff constantly monitoring multiple businesses. Think of it as an economy of scale – we’re already monitoring companies 24/7, so it’s less resource intensive for us to monitor yours than it would be for you to hire staff to do that work in-house.


Your in-house team can focus on what your business does best

In-house IT teams are often forced to multi-task. They may be experts in analytics, app development, and reporting – but if the network goes down, or if there’s a security breach, they’re forced to stop their work and fix what’s broken.

This is not the most effective use of their time or expertise.

With our co-managed IT services, your in-house staff have the chance to focus on what they do best. We’ll handle network security, backups, cloud migration, and all of the day-to-day work that goes into maintaining and repairing your network. 


You’ll be making a good investment

While you’ll add upfront fees by using co-managed IT, these fees can be much lower than the cost of hiring staff in-house. You may save on HR costs, the cost of annual salaries, and the cost of unnecessary staff – remember, our solutions are scalable, so once you don’t need a certain service, you can simply drop it.

But more importantly, you’ll be getting value out of our service. We have some of the brightest minds in IT working on our team. We’ll come up with efficient IT solutions that could reduce your overhead and make your network more secure. 


Your IT team is still in control

In-house IT teams can, understandably, get a bit nervous when you begin outsourcing your IT. We know that your in-house team is there for a reason – they’re the experts on your products, your network, and your needs.

Any changes we make will be thoroughly discussed with your team – that’s because we’ll be a part of your IT team. The work we do helps to improve morale and reduce stress among your current team. Think of us as reinforcements, not replacements.


Thinking about co-managed IT? Call us today

We offer IT support services in Houston and the surrounding area. If you want to know more about how our co-managed IT solutions can help with your exact needs, give us a call. We’ll discuss the specifics of your business in greater detail, and give you insights into how we can help make your next project a success.

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