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Too Many Vendors, Not Enough Time?

Uprite Services provides businesses with the complete management of their IT vendors. Take that stress off your plate now. Call us to discover more.

Technology becomes more and more widely used as the years pass. In the past, you may have used a few computers, email, and a fax machine. Nowadays, you have a complex mix of hardware and software that powers all areas of your business – from sales to marketing to finance to human resources and everything in between. You rely on your technology to make, market, and sell your products and/or services, and naturally, as technology continues to evolve, you have a ton of options.

This means you’re working with a ton of vendors – leaving you with a whole lot of details to juggle:

  • Contracts
  • Pay rates
  • Terms
  • Points of contact

Not only are you juggling all of these details, but if you’re like most business executives, you likely don’t have the time, availability or technical know-how to stay on top of the relationships you’re building with your vendors. This can result in:

  • Unexpected costs associated with upgrades and/or updates
  • Unnecessary services being included within agreements
  • Uncertain expectations in terms of your own requirements

Fortunately, there’s a better way than trying your best to manage all of your vendors on your own. Instead, you can outsource to an experienced technology services company that will help you make the most of each third-party solution you’re using. Our team is able to work with your vendors to:

  • Take care of license and warranty maintenance
  • Handle support requests and/or issue resolution
  • Deploy and configure new hardware and software as needed
  • Provide strategic, unbiased advice on your existing infrastructure
  • Keep track of end-of-life or end-of-support dates
  • Review agreements to look for unnecessary or underutilized services
  • And much more

You can rest assured knowing we have extensive experience working with a range of manufacturers in the information technology industry, and in many cases, this experience means we can help you get faster, more responsive service, discounts, and other great perks from your vendors.

When you’re ready to take vendor management off your plate, call to get started with our team of technology professionals.

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