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Want Privacy? Message With the Signal App

Signal App Logo
January 18, 2022

Signal App Logo

Signal, a once niche messaging app, has gained notoriety for its end-to-end encryption platform thanks to shoutouts from public figures like Elon Musk and Edward Snowden.

Nowadays, there are countless alternatives to traditional SMS and MMS texting. Facebook-owned apps Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp rank among the most popular, alongside Twitter and Snapchat.

However, the Signal app stands out from the crowd, proving itself the most secure texting alternative due to its end-to-end encryption platform. Signal has repeatedly proven that they do not collect user data, making it impossible for them to read your messages.

Recently, Signal has received two subpoenas from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California as part of an ongoing grand jury investigation for data that the app does not collect.

In response, Signal released a statement, citing:

“The subpoena requested a wide variety of information that fell into this nonexistent category, including the addresses of the users, their correspondence, and the name associated with each account.”

Other requests listed in the subpoena include device data, site interactions, cookies, and logs of click-stream data.

While WhatsApp previously reigned as the secure messaging app of choice, it has recently fallen out of favor with security experts after updates to its privacy policy set off red flags. It is also important to remember that Facebook, a company long-rumored to spy on its users and share their private data, owns WhatsApp.

For those who prioritize privacy, Signal outshines other messaging apps. If you don’t want your personal data being collected (and shared), Uprite recommends downloading Signal today.

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