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Why Outsourcing IT Can Benefit Your Business

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May 9, 2023

Every organization benefits from specialist IT services, whether that’s in-house or outsourced. However, if you’re considering outsourcing IT and wondering about its benefits, today we’re here to show you the top reasons why it’s worth it.

As you can imagine, IT outsourcing brings you many important ways to progress your business.

Some of those include

  • backup and disaster recovery,
  • remote management and monitoring,
  • cloud services,
  • around-the-clock cybersecurity,
  • and more.

However, for some people, the idea of “outsourcing” is uncomfortable, as if you’re losing control of your business or taking it to another country! That’s understandable because there are so many different types of outsourcing:

  • Offshore – sending your business functions to another country
  • Nearshore – setting up your business functions in a nearby country
  • Onshore – keeping your business functions in your country

To be clear on this point, Uprite IT Services is based in Texas. In other words, if you’re in the United States or in the state of Texas, you’ll be onshoring your IT with us. And we’re on hand to help with your IT needs should you choose to go for outsourcing your IT.

So – with that out of the way, and to help you decide, we’ve compiled a great list of seven top ways your business will benefit from outsourcing your IT.

Let’s dive in!

1 Outsourcing IT Saves Your Business Money

By outsourcing your IT services, you can cut overhead costs, including salaries, benefits, and office space, which can lead to significant savings.

These savings occur because IT outsourcing services give you access to a managed service provider and an expert IT team. You don’t have to onboard, hire, pay for training, provide an annual salary, or pay for healthcare and other benefits.

With your IT department outsourced, you pay a flat monthly fee that includes your managed service provider, their team of experts, and any specialized members you may require.

2 IT Outsourcing Allows for Better Cybersecurity

One of the best benefits of IT outsourcing services includes incredible cybersecurity. This incorporates backup and disaster recovery, prevention or mitigation of security threats, end-to-end data encryption, and the highest protection from ransomware attacks.

Your cybersecurity extends past your nine-to-five, Monday through Friday work schedule – with your outsourced team monitoring your infrastructure day and night, weekends and holidays. So your business systems are always available and secure.

Put simply, you can’t afford downtime in today’s economic climate. Cyberthreats and hacking attempts increase by the month. But the benefit of enhanced cybersecurity will repay you many times over.

3 Outsourcing IT Grants You Access to Highly Skilled Experts

When you outsource your IT, you gain access to world-class experts versed in everything from coding, cloud services, app creation, web design, ransomware protection, and everything in between.

Having these highly skilled experts at your side saves you the hassle of re-training and re-certifying your in-house IT department members. Besides, doing so is a nearly impossible task, given the speed of IT progress – especially if your business is small to mid-sized.

4 IT Outsourcing Brings You the Latest Technology

IT outsourcing services also give you access to the latest technology – from VoIP services to backup disaster and recovery, remote management and monitoring, migration, and cloud services.

The service provider takes care of it for you! And your company therefore receives the most recent technology as it becomes available.

Having these cutting-edge tools and always-up-to-date software allows your organization to keep up with the big companies at the top. Fair competition becomes a possibility!

5 Outsourcing IT Increases Workplace Efficiency

Outsourcing your IT department moves all infrastructure and software-related issues away from your business’s physical location, allowing your in-house IT department to focus on critical matters that align with your organization’s goals, such as product development and customer service.

For instance, simple everyday troubleshooting issues are dealt with by the outsourcing provider. Your internal team remains focused on important business tasks. This leads to improved workplace efficiency and more productive teams.

6 IT Outsourcing Allows for Easier Scalability

Outsourcing your IT services enables you to easily adjust your workforce according to your needs without the inconvenience of recruitment or termination.

Hiring new IT personnel and training them takes time and money. However, your outsourced IT managed service provider makes scaling easier for your organization. That’s because, regardless of how big or small your IT projects become, you can scale your contracted services up or down quickly and at any time.

That’s much more cost-effective than hiring and firing staff.

7 Outsourcing IT Gives Your Business Round-the-Clock Support

As we said, backup disaster and recovery, cloud services, and cybersecurity are among the services you receive around the clock. But you also need round-the-clock IT support.

With your IT outsourced to a trusted company, any troubleshooting issues, email problems, and computer malfunctions you might experience during your work day (or night) can be solved using a phone call or email at any time.

By outsourcing your IT services, you can feel safe and secure knowing you have support around the clock despite your in-house IT people going home for the day.

Uprite is Your Trusted Partner in Outsourcing IT Services

IT Outsourcing benefits your business in all the above ways and more, but finding a trustworthy partner is equally important.

Uprite is a managed IT service provider based in Texas, as we explained up top. We work in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

Our award-winning team of IT techs can scale easily and tailor our service to match your organization’s needs. You can contract for any or all of:

  • Responsive 24/7 local support
  • Managed IT services
  • Co-managed IT services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Managed phone solutions
  • Microsoft integrations (Azure, Office 365)
  • Hardware procurement etc.

There are many IT outsourcing companies. What sets us apart is that we pride ourselves on working in the Uprite way – 28 building blocks that bring you success – and giving you a Client Bill of Rights. You have nothing to lose!

Speak to one of our highly trained technicians today and get a free quote.

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Why Outsourcing IT Can Benefit Your Business
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