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You Need a VoIP Phone System: This Is Why

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August 1, 2023

Did you baulk at the idea of ditching that old clunky typewriter in the attic and keeping your sleek, lightning-fast computer? We thought not! It’s the same argument for a VoIP phone system and against continuing with a landline: It will transform your business.

We’ll take VoIP systems to pieces here (not literally!) to show why making this decision has far-reaching effects on your productivity and efficiency – and will more than return your investment.

But first…

What is a VoIP Phone System?

It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Unlike traditional analog phone systems, a VoIP phone system works over the internet, as its name suggests. You can connect via an app on your cell phone, computer, or laptop – or use a VoIP desk phone.

If you really want to maintain your landline, you can use a VoIP adapter that your provider will place on the line and configure for you.

Using the above setup, during a call, your voice changes to a digital signal and travels to a virtual private exchange hosted by your VoIP phone provider. It continues across the internet, before being changed back to an analog signal your recipient can understand.

A modern internet connection is speedy. So it makes sense to use it for your daily business calls, whether voice, video, or multimedia.

But let’s look at some other reasons why VoIP phone providers recommend this system for a small business.

Why You Need a VoIP Phone System for Small Business

In the current economy, two of your most pressing needs are for

  • increased productivity at reduced cost, and
  • provision for remote or hybrid workers.

The capabilities of VoIP telephony more than meet these productivity and flexibility needs.

In addition, you can

  • buy only the exact VoIP features you need and
  • scale up or down as your business changes.

Let’s look at these.

1 Increase Productivity with VoIP Systems

A modern VoIP phone system is a powerhouse of productivity tools for your business. It’s fast and reliable, has features suitable for modern working life that no traditional phone can provide, and is a means of simplifying business activities and therefore outlay.

Alongside the ability to make voice and video calls, you get to choose from advanced features such as

  • call recording and reporting,
  • voicemail to email transcription,
  • simultaneous ring, and
  • a digital receptionist.

These provide you with greater communication insight and help you streamline your business.

Thinking back to the clunky typewriter analogy – you could only type, and only on one sheet at once. VoIP, like a superfast computer, allows multitasking. What’s not to like in terms of efficient productivity throughout your business?

However – VoIP systems will not work without the internet: You need Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G. However, it’s possible to re-route calls when the internet is down, so talk to your VoIP service provider.

2 Work From Anywhere with a VoIP Phone System

Because your business VoIP phone usually has a number that’s not linked to a specific location, it’s perfect for out-on-location or home working. (You can also port over your existing number if you wish.)

A cloud-based VoIP phone system therefore lets you securely send and receive phone calls, texts, and emails – as well as run a video conference – from any device, anywhere you have internet access.

This flexibility makes VoIP the ideal solution for today’s remote workforce where you wish to employ the best talent worldwide. Instead of tying your team to office-based phones, empower them by giving them the freedom to work from anywhere and stay in contact!

And cybersecurity? With VoIP phones, security is no more of a risk than your landlines were. Everyone is covered by your own cybersecurity strategy and also by your provider’s own cloud security arrangements.

3 Let Your VoIP System Scale as You Grow

Unlike traditional landline systems, VoIP is not only cheaper but offers you a scalable phone solution that grows with your business. It allows you to add new lines and remove existing ones whenever needed. The scalability of VoIP also gives you freedom of choice, meaning you choose only the features you consider essential.

So, before you buy, discuss the different types of VoIP services offered by VoIP providers to make sure your business benefits from the most suitable VoIP phone system for you.

You’ll find answers to more questions here, but we hope we’ve shown you why you need a VoIP phone system to stay ahead of the game in your business arena.

Uprite is Your Trusted VoIP Phone Provider

At Uprite, we specialize in secure, managed IT and VoIP services to streamline your business in the Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas areas. We’ve supported Texas businesses with award-winning, first-class technology solutions for over 20 years and pride ourselves on being the partner you can trust. We even have a client bill of rights.

Don’t be shy about approaching us! We can implement your VoIP phone system and support you every step of the way and help your business productivity soar.

Contact us today and let’s talk!

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You Need a VoIP Phone System: This is Why
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