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Houston Manufacturing Company Recruits Uprite To Provide Remote IT Services in 2021

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May 14, 2021

Houston Manufacturing Company Recruits Uprite To Provide Remote IT Services in 2021

A team of manufacturing professionals from Houston was on the hunt for a team of IT specialists that could provide remote IT support for their mid-size firm. They wanted to find a team of IT professionals that would help keep their IT systems consistently monitored, managed, and maintained. When they reached out to Uprite, we knew we could provide the optimization and support they needed.

Uprite Services Provides Robust Remote IT Support for Houston Manufacturing Company

Not too long ago, Uprite Services was contacted by a manufacturing company in Houston that was looking for a quote on remote IT support for their firm. Their organization was growing and they were looking to take a more modern and strategic approach to IT management and maintenance. They had decided it was time to find the right team of IT professionals in Houston that could provide remote IT support and managed IT services.

What we loved about this business leader, was that they cut right to the chase. They wanted a reliable IT provider and they wanted to know what the investment would get them and how much it would cost them. We love a straight-shooter because that’s our preferred approach too. When it comes to business IT, professional teams don’t care about a big sell or flashy all-in-one solution. They want a reliable and responsive team of experienced professionals in their corner to make sure their business IT supports productive operations – it’s that simple. From our first contact with this Houston manufacturing company, we knew this was the exact kind of support they were looking for.

The kicker is, IT has the power to either optimize and streamline operations or hinder productivity and foster downtime. If business IT resources are not properly positioned or effectively managed, technical trouble can quickly become a persistent living nightmare. However, with the right solutions in place and a team of reliable professionals working to keep things optimized, business IT can help professional teams reach new heights – even in an unpredictable business environment.

Our team of IT professionals has over 20 years of experience providing reliable and strategic IT support in Houston. When we partner with a business or organization, we commit ourselves to be a champion for their business. We get to know their unique business needs and goals and work diligently to provide customized IT services to support them. That’s why, when this Houston manufacturing company reached out to us for a straightforward quote and service proposal, we knew we were the right partner for them.

So, we’ve decided to share our experience consulting with and supporting this Houston manufacturing company. We’ve broken down the exact kind of support they were looking for and how we demonstrated that we were the reliable partner they could trust to provide the strategic and cost-effective IT support they needed. Our hope is that by reading the summary of our experience with this organization, other Houston businesses will feel inspired to reach out for professional IT support when they need it.

What Kind of IT Support Was This Houston Manufacturing Company Looking For?

As we mentioned, this Houston manufacturing firm came to us with a clear idea of what they were looking for. Their organization was growing and was currently made up of about 60 employees – 45 in the office and 15 on the manufacturing side. They were looking for remote IT support and fully-managed IT services and they wanted to know how much an investment in our services would cost.

Above all, they wanted a team of Houston IT professionals who could help them drive productivity and collaboration among and between their administrative and manufacturing teams. They wanted to recruit a team of trusted IT specialists that could help them manage their IT resources and provide round-the-clock IT support as needed. Most importantly? They wanted a reliable and cost-effective IT provider that was local to Houston.

Here’s a breakdown of what this manufacturing firm was looking for from Uprite:

  • Initial consultation – First, they wanted to sit down with us for an initial consultation. They wanted us to get to know their business and they wanted to understand our approach to client service and support. They also wanted to have a transparent and detailed conversation about our services and pricing structure.
  • Systems review – Once we had discussed customer service standards and pricing structures, they wanted us to begin by conducting a review of their entire IT infrastructure. They wanted us to get an idea of how they used IT in their day-to-day operations and wanted us to help them identify how their existing IT infrastructure could be optimized or improved.
  • Remote IT support – They also wanted a team of IT professionals that could provide reliable and responsive remote IT support. They wanted to know that a team of specialists was always on call to help them identify, troubleshoot, and solve IT issues before they caused any business disruption.
  • Managed IT services – Finally, in addition to remote IT support, they wanted us to serve as their managed IT service partner. They wanted a trusted group of professionals who could help them manage, monitor, and maintain their entire IT infrastructure and help them make strategic IT decisions over the long-term.

Like we mentioned, they came to us as prepared, no-nonsense professionals. We respected their approach from the very start and we couldn’t wait to explain how we could provide the straightforward-but-strategic IT service and support they were looking for.

Here’s The IT Service & Support Uprite Provides for This Houston Manufacturing Firm

From the very beginning, this organization wanted a clear and transparent description of our IT services and our pricing structure. We believe strongly in being transparent from the very start, and that’s why we let them know that we could provide tentative price-points, but that in order to give them a solid quote for the monthly cost of our services, we needed to get to know their unique service and support requirements. We explained that we’re committed to this approach because we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all IT solutions.

We would never want to charge a blanket price for IT service and support because we believe that organizations deserve to invest in only what they need – and nothing that they don’t. That’s why we were happy they were looking for an initial consultation. This way, we could spend some time getting to know exactly what they needed so that we could provide customized and relevant pricing information and avoid any surprises or unnecessary investments.

Here’s a breakdown of the IT service and support we provide for this manufacturing firm:

Initial Consultation & Pricing Discussion

We started our initial consultation by getting to know the leadership team and employees. We wanted to develop a clear idea of how this organization was deploying and using IT in its daily operations. We wanted to know what they thought about their existing IT infrastructure and where they wished they had more support. Above all, we worked to determine the exact kind of IT support they needed and we made sure to take note of anything that they didn’t require. This way, by the end of the consultation, we were able to give them a detailed and customized quote outlining the monthly cost for our support services.

IT Infrastructure Review & Optimization 

Next, we conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of their existing IT infrastructure. We worked closely to identify weak spots and security gaps. We also worked to identify redundancies and other inefficiencies. We examined their hardware, software, and network infrastructure from end-to-end making note of everything that needed to be optimized or improved. Then, we worked diligently to optimize the infrastructure from end-to-end. We took the insight we got from team members in our initial consultation and worked to position their IT resources to better support streamlined and productive operations.

Reliable IT Support 

Next, we put together our remote IT support plan. Our plan outlined all the different support services we would provide to support their IT infrastructure. We explained that their team could reach our helpdesk technicians for remote support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter the size or nature of the issue, we would work efficiently and effectively to solve it remotely. However, we also assured them that they could count on us to provide on-site support as needed. If something particularly tricky occurs, or if they have a problem with hardware, our on-site support technicians will always be on call to get boots on the ground and solve their issues efficiently.

Managed IT Services 

Next, we created a comprehensive managed IT service plan. This outlined all the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day services we would provide to ensure their systems were consistently running at optimal performance. We outlined our commitment to consistently monitor, manage, and maintain every aspect of their IT infrastructure behind the scenes. We explained that they could rely on us to take care of all things cybersecurity – including disaster recovery and business continuity planning. In short, our managed IT service agreement made it clear that no matter the IT question, concern, or project, they could count on our team of specialists to be in their corner.

Long-Term Strategic IT Partnership 

Finally, we also made it clear that when we partner with a team of professionals, we’re in it for the long haul. Today’s business landscape is unpredictable and the world of IT is constantly evolving. That’s why we explained that their team could rely on us to be their strategic IT partner for as long as they needed us. If they needed to invest in new hardware, we’d be there to help them make an informed decision. If they needed to scale their infrastructure up to meet increasing demand, we would take care of it. If they wanted strategic consultation about new and innovative IT solutions, we’d be there to provide the guidance they needed.

Is Your Organization Looking for Remote IT Support? Uprite Services Can Deliver!

Since partnering with us, this Houston manufacturing company has informed us that know they made the right call. Their IT infrastructure has been fully optimized and their operations run smoother as a result. Even better? Tedious IT issues are rarely a problem and when they do arise, they know they can get in touch with our support technicians immediately. They also tell us they can’t believe that we provide strategy and reliability for such a fair price. We couldn’t be happier to be serving as their reliable IT partner.

Is your organization looking for a no-nonsense IT provider in Houston? Uprite Services can help. Our team of IT specialists has the experience and expertise required to help your organization optimize and streamline your approach to IT. We believe in providing reliable, responsive, strategic, and cost-effective IT support for businesses in all industries. Looking for IT support in Houston? Uprite Services is a click or call away.

Give us a call anytime at (281) 956-2280, or visit our website www.uprite.com to book an initial consultation about remote IT support in 2021.

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