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How Remote Monitoring and Management Benefits Your Business

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February 14, 2023

You’ve probably realized your business needs remote monitoring and management (RMM). You may even have an in-house IT team desperately trying to keep your assets safe – yet you know they’re struggling to cover you 24/7.

Constant monitoring is especially important if you have a hybrid or remote workforce dispersed around the globe. They’re accessing your systems 24/7 – they need monitoring 24/7.

So – you’re considering partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to deliver RMM for you.

You probably therefore have two questions you need answers for:

  • How does remote management and monitoring work?
  • What are the measurable benefits of handing over to an MSP to keep your business secure with RMM?

So, firstly, how does RMM work?

It keeps all your systems safe by

  • placing a so-called “agent” on all endpoints, servers, and mobile devices,
  • gathering insights into your servers and network, including all your business devices,
  • keeping your devices up to date, including patching,
  • tracking any issues that arise and reporting on them,
  • creating system restore points, and
  • automating specific functions proactively to resolve issues without you having to be present.

And that’s only the brief version!

However, your second concernthe measurable benefits of remote monitoring and management – is what we’ll discuss in this article!

Business Benefits of Remote Monitoring and Management

Cybersecurity is top of the business agenda these days. As technology advances, not only do your staff use it, but rogue players do, too – to disrupt your business!

And as we said, even if your organization has an in-house IT team, it’s hard for them to keep their skills up to date and be available round the clock.

That’s why partnering with an MSP or having co-managed IT services to run RMM for you can provide the cutting-edge security you want.

For example, reports and analytics run in the background day and night. So, if something occurs, your MSP can deal with it from their dashboard remotely.

And the result?

You’re protected, even when the lights are off at the office. And you can sleep peacefully and concentrate on running your business.

In addition, you can also be confident your network and infrastructure are safe from any downtime a potential threat might create.

So, what are the specific benefits of remote monitoring and management?

We’ll deal with the following points in turn:

  • Off-site surveillance or remote monitoring (RMON)
  • Proactive problem solving
  • Immediate response
  • Faster tracking and detection of threats
  • Automated updates and scheduled maintenance
  • Customizing of important alerts
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Detection of new network devices to protect them remotely

Off-Site Surveillance a.k.a. Remote Monitoring (RMON)

Your business stays protected even after hours.

That’s because, as we indicated, remote monitoring allows MSPs to monitor your network, end devices, hardware, and software 24/7 off-site.

In addition, your problem can be solved as soon as possible, even at night – because RMON and specific software agents allow your MSP to enter your systems remotely if there’s an issue.

Proactive Problem Solving

In many cases, constant, in-the-background remote monitoring detects subtle problems and catches them before they cause business disruption.

For example, an issue might arise from shadow IT – when your staff use unauthorized equipment or apps. With real-time visibility, your managed services provider can proactively spot such problems and solve them instantly, by removing the device or updating the app.

Immediate Response to Threats Via Offline Remote Control

One of the great things about RMM agent tools is their ability to take control remotely when a problem occurs, even if the user isn’t online. This allows your MSP to respond to any threats immediately, and your organization can continue running smoothly.

Faster Detection of Threats With Remote Monitoring and Management

Uncovering malicious activity faster is key to keeping your security intact. Remote monitoring and management of your business allows your MSP to stay informed and analyze activity to determine what is a threat or not.

If malicious activity is determined,

  • your MSP takes control of the situation,
  • digs further into the causes of the problem, and
  • handles it right away (as above).

Automated Updates and Scheduled Maintenance

Engaging an MSP can being automation of certain functions via the RMM part of the service. This allows your IT team to focus on the more local IT functions you need, leaving your MSP to automatically

  • install software updates,
  • apply security patches, and
  • schedule routine maintenance.

Customizing of Important Alerts

Alerting your IT team is important, especially if certain parameters within your cybersecurity need to stay high.

So, another benefit of having remote monitoring and management is that you can set up alerts to let you know of any critical information. The tools can provide you with email or text alerts as needed.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

RMON tools are a great way to gather vital information from your systems, applications, and software because they run in the background and provide detailed analytics.

Your MSP can analyze those reports to

  • inform you about your network’s security,
  • identify long-term trends,
  • evaluate your system performance, and
  • assess your network’s health.

The benefit of staying informed is pretty self-evident: You’re able to make better security decisions and ultimately avoid unwanted problems!

Detection of New Network Devices and Immediate Protection for Them

Running RMM means you can detect new computers, software, and personnel devices like cell phones as soon as they’re connected to your network.

For example, some of your remote staff may well use a new device while working at home – we all upgrade our devices! But with remote monitoring and management tools, you can detect these and install software agents immediately to protect all endpoints accessing your data and systems.

Protecting yourself from the risks of having remote staff has become key in the last couple of years.

Your hybrid and remote staff need a lot of oversight to ensure your business’s cybersecurity. And in a world of hackers, ransomware, and viruses, remote monitoring and management makes sense if you’re to keep your competitive edge.

Let Uprite Give You the Protection You Need

Are you ready to protect your business and all of its endpoints remotely, day and night?

Then let us help! At Uprite, we pride ourselves on the secure, managed IT services we offer. We’re the partner you can trust in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas – responsive and proactive.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Don’t be shy – we want to hear from you!

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How Remote Monitoring and Management Benefits Your Business
Learn the benefits of protecting your business and all of its endpoints day and night with remote monitoring and management

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