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Secure Remote Access Solutions

Secure Remote Access Solutions
August 23, 2020

Secure Remote Access Services That Keep You Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Business isn’t 9-5 in the office anymore, is it? It’s time to adapt to the new normal. 

  • Are your remote workers struggling with simple things like getting answers from one another or locating files because they’re working from home?
  • Do you worry about whether or not the sensitive information they’re accessing is safe from unauthorized access?
  • Are you feeling like remote work isn’t bringing you greater efficiency and productivity, but instead, it’s taking them away?

Maybe you know technology is the key to successful remote work, but there are so many options out there that you’re left feeling overwhelmed. Sure, your remote workers have access to laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And maybe they even have access to cloud-based tools like email and line of business applications. But somehow, it’s still not as efficient and productive as you hoped it would be. Uprite Services is always there when I need them, & have such friendly staff!!

Secure Remote Access Services Are The Key To Successful Remote Work

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and there are TONS of options out there for remote work. But here’s the thing… It’s not always easy to shift through the many options available. Remote access services are critical nowadays – after all, business is no longer 9-5 in the office. The world is changing and it’s time to keep up. Fortunately, you can get a decent internet connection almost anywhere nowadays – making it easy to work remotely, as long as you have the right remote access services.

Uprite Services has been around since 1999. We’ve seen technology come a long way and we’ve helped a ton of organizations transition to remote work. There’s one thing that’s universal for organizations embracing a remote workforce: you need a standardized set of secure remote access tools that are selected and implemented properly. You can’t wait for your employees to download file sharing services and other tools that may not be secure.

What Secure Remote Access Solutions Do You Need?

If you’re ready to keep your remote workforce smooth, seamless, and of course, secure against cybercrime, here’s a few secure remote access services that will help:

  • Citrix Remote Access allows you to access corporate PCs from home with the exact same performance and simple, seamless accessibility from any device.
  • Microsoft RDP provides you with the ability to access virtual desktops, files, and applications from any device at any time.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) that acts as a secure, encrypted tunnel between end-users and the network.
  • SSL Encryption to ensure privacy, authentication, and data confidentiality within your internet communications.
  • Cloud Solutions including VoIP business phones, line of business applications, and much more.

Get The Secure Remote Access Solutions You Need To Stay Connected.

  1. Book a meeting with our team of information technology experts at your convenience
  2. Find out exactly what secure remote access solutions will allow you to achieve a powerful remote workforce
  3. Enjoy knowing your remote workforce is productive, efficient, and able to collaborate without worrying about cybercrime

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